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    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Short Pro-Life Statements

    What if you have only a short time to make a case for the pro-life position?

    What if you have only a short time to make a case for the pro-life position? Here are a few statements that can help:

    1) If the unborn is growing, it must be alive. If it has human parents, it must be human. And living humans like you and I are valuable.

    2) If you don’t know if the unborn is alive, then why take the risk by having an abortion? If it’s not alive, then why is an abortion necessary?

    3) The heart of the unborn begins to beat at three weeks and the brain begins to function at six weeks.

    4) The unborn has the three characteristics of being alive: growth, metabolizing food for energy, and reacting to stimuli. Its DNA is distinctly human and also different from its human parents.

    5) The Law of Biogenesis states that each living thing that reproduces creates its own kind. Obviously, human parents can only produce human offspring.

    6) How can two humans create something that is not human but later becomes one?

    7) We don’t allow the killing of toddlers, so why should the killing of unborn humans be accepted?

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    Posted by Monte Harms on 05/22 at 11:07 PM
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