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    Friday, May 15, 2009

    What I Would Ask Barack Obama

    Barack Obama was in my area today for a town hall meeting. I have been thinking about what I would ask him if I had the chance. Here it goes:

    From your actions and beliefs, it’s apparent that you are one of the most pro-torture people in the United States. Yes, you are a strong proponent of torture in the name of abortion for unborn babies and by your actions and words, even some born babies. Why do you believe in this type of torture that tears the unborn limb by limb, burns it, sucks it though a tube, or other methods until it dies?

    You went overseas and criticized America or never defended it when leaders of other countries were verbally destroying us. Why didn’t you point out all the great things we have done in our short history?

    You said that we aren’t a Christian nation, although the documents and words from our founding fathers show that the birth of our nation was based on Christian principles. Your administration also called those who believe in end times and the pro-life view as possible terrorists. Why do have such animosity against Christians that are 77% of our population?

    You say that you want to have abortion rare, but if someone wants to have one, it’s their choice. If the practice is acceptable enough that you think people should have it done, why should it be rare?

    Why do you, your administration, and your media attempt to discredit or destroy anyone who disagrees with you: Joe the plumber, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and her family, Chrysler investors, Fox News, small businesses, etc.?

    Why did you say that you didn’t want your daughters punished with a baby?

    Should your mother have aborted you? Why not? If you shouldn’t have been aborted, why should others?

    If there was such an urgency about the stimulus bill that it had to be passed before anyone had time to read it, why is our economy still having major problems?

    Do we really have a national health care crisis? I’m sure there are individual crisis situations, but locally if they don’t have insurance, they would go to our university hospital and pay on a sliding scale or get it free. If there is a crisis situation in America, then it seems I would encounter people at every turn who couldn’t get insurance.

    Capitalism and individual freedom have been the cornerstones of the greatness of America. Why do you want to destroy these principles in favor of socialism that has had a very poor track record?
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    Posted by Monte Harms on 05/15 at 10:23 AM
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