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Friday, May 23, 2008

Atlanta, GA - Prayer Warriors & Sign-Holders Urgently Needed at Atlanta Women’s Medical Center!

For about the next two weeks, we need to get out to Atlanta Women’s Medical Center in large numbers if possible.

Below is an e-mail I rec’d this morning from a faihful prayer warrior at that location:

“Fred & I did show up at the clinic this morning.  There were also 11 counter-protesters who arrived this morning with signs provided by Planned Parenthood.  Two of these pro-choice protesters were adults (parents).  The rest were teenagers recruited by these adults.  We had some discussions with this group.  It didn’t change anyone’s mind, but ultimately this was a positive thing because of the project Fred has undertaken (he documents the stories of the women who have had abortions).  These women did not accept Fred’s offer to share their stories with him (yet), but with Jesus and prayer who knows what will happen. 
There was nothing in our talk that indicated they were doing this as a one-time effort.  Having said this, I am sure our efforts to be sidewalk witness/protesters will outlast theirs.  I am also sure the public was quite confused this week by the mixture of signs on the sidewalk.  We need to be coming out in large numbers these next weeks so our efforts overshadow theirs.”

Atlanta Women’s Medical Center is located at 235 West Wieuca Road, in Atlanta, Georgia.  They do 2nd Trimester abortions here, and often their parking lot is so full, cars have to double park. 

They do abortions as a 2-day procedure on Weds. & Thursdays (Wed. is the beginning of the 2-day procedure), so Thurs, Fri (and Saturdays) are extremely busy.  So we really need coverage there Wed. through Sat.!!  The patients start coming at 6:30am, the doors open at 7 and for the most part they have pretty much all arrived before 9AM.  Of these 4 days (Wed thru Saturday), Thursdays are the least busy.  On all 4 days, patients and staff are usually gone by about noon or 1pm.

Remember, love conquers hatred, so let’s keep this interaction peaceful while boldly speaking the truth in love to these Planned Parenthood protestors.  May the Holy Spirit guide all our words and actions with the Planned Parenthood people, staff, etc. so that hearts may be won for Christ and life!

For further info or questions, please call Margarita at 404/824-5269, and I’ll return your call asap, or e-mail me at

Posted by Margarita on 05/23 at 03:08 PM
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