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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Conversation With Clinic Worker in Bank & 4 Miracles Needed in GA

In recent weeks, one Medical Assistant walked out of her job at the abortion mill in GA after I spoke to her and her two fellow M.A.‘s.  The other two young ladies also want to quit their jobs, but they are afraid to until they find another job.  Also, I ran into a 4th Medical Assistant from that mill while in the bank and spoke to him at length about putting his trust in God rather than in the abortionist.  He said at least he has security at that job, and I gently asked him to consider whether he has security in his salvation.  Finally, I asked him if he would leave that place if I found him another job and he said maybe. 

Please pray that the Lord will give courage to the three Medical Assistants who won’t leave until they find other jobs and pray that the Lord will open up 4 Medical Assistant jobs somewhere for these 4 souls.  The one who did quit her job has expressed a desire to get to know the Lord and start going to church after she returns from an out-of-town trip.  Praise God!! 

Please pass this on to any potential employers and feel free to give them my number (678/200-9712) or e-mail -

We are praying for 4 miracles and we know Our God is a BIG GOD, for Whom nothing is impossible!! :-)

Posted by Margarita on 02/21 at 08:09 PM
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