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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Please pray for 2 women—baby showers for their 2 saved babies

All are invited to two baby showers (hostess’ name and address omitted) Feb. 7th and Feb 21st for 2 babies saved at Governors Ridge (Georgia)!  Please bring a dish/desert to share.  Even if you are unable to come, please help us out by forwarding this e-mail to all your groups - all are invited !  Thanks!!  :-) 

Sat, Feb. 7th, 1-5pm:  for a mom named Sullman.  In a previous e-mail, sidewalk counselor Sarita wrote:
“Sulman is facing many challenges in her life, among others, that of trying to get a restraining order on her husband.  (the husband is now in jail)  Another situation that looms over her is the placenta previa.  Next week they will tell her if it has moved out of the way or if she will need to have a C-section.  In that case, she probably won’t be able to work for awhile, and that means no money at all for rent and food.  Her rent is about $700/month, and she has a 6-year-old to feed.  Her mother has returned to her home country, so she has asked a cousin (?) to stay with her and help her after the baby is born.  But she will be paying that girl to help her, so that is an additional expense that will be hard to cover if she can’t bring home a paycheck because of the C-section.
She still needs sheets for the crib, plus clothes for a baby GIRL, blankets, a baby bathtub, and everything else you can think of, except for the crib we already gave her…(she also has a carseat now).
Maybe somehow we could let everyone know about the financial crisis and take up donations to give her at the shower.  There is a chance she may not need a C-section, but in any event she will have to be off work for awhile, and any loss of income is going to make it hard to pay her bills.  She works in a restaurant, I think.  (Note, They will do the ultrasound on Feb. 13th, to decide if the C-section will be necessary.)
To make matters worse, burglers invaded her apartment and tied up her brother and, thank God, didn’t try to harm her or her mother and daughter when they hid in the closet, but they did steal cellphones and other things.  Her 6-year-old has been traumatized by the ordeal.  After that she moved out of those apartments into a different apartment complex, and she says it is peaceful.  Her brother moved out, since she told him she needed more room because of the baby, and this way, in the 2-bedroom apartment where she is now, she will be living with her 6-year-old, the baby girl who is going to be born, and the cousin.
I have invited Sulman to meet me at St. Thomas next Sunday night.  She really needs a support group, and if she will be willing to cross town to come to St. Thomas, I know she will find a family in Christ who will welcome her.  I am hoping she can eventually attend an Evangelization Retreat and let Jesus come into her heart.”
Saturday, Feb. 21, 5pm for a mom named Sylvia:
Some of you may recall praying for Sylvia this past summer and how Father Henry Atem assisted by calling her for us.  Sylvia is doing well now, but she still needs baby BOY clothes, cribsheets, a baby bathtub, and anything else that people want to give.  (She already has a crib and carseat.)
We hope lots of you can make one or both of these baby showers!  If you would prefer to mail a check, please e-mail me:  
Also, anyone with expertise in advising how we might be able to get Sullman connected to ongoing help with her rent and childcare expenses, please contact Sarita.  (through Szechenyi e-mail) 
Please keep these families in your prayers as well as Sarita, the Hispanics from St. Thomas in Smyrna, Karen, Griselle, Erica and all who pray & sidewalk counsel at Gov Ridge each week.  :-)  Special hats off to Sarita and the St. Thomas Hispanic group - they are amazing!!
Thanks & God bless you!
Margarita Szechenyi

Posted by Gail Richardson on 02/05 at 06:00 PM
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