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What a lovely sentiment. I wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas. 
To those of you who practice Judaism I pray your Chanukah was filled with God’s blessings and light, and to others of another faith still, I pray your time has been joyful.

We Christians are going to celebrate the birth of a baby…a baby whose impact was known to only two others on earth and how important his birth would be to the world ever after. Imagine it . . .what if Mary and Joseph had decided to abort the “fetus”  we know as Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior and the most significant authority known to the Christian world? Would God have even attempted to deliver us salvation a third time?

So, how is it that we stand idly by as thousands of babies are slaughtered on a daily basis?  Too many simply say , “It’s not my business!” or “I don’t have time to get involved with that kind of thing.” Do we really hear these words we speak? Do we truly believe what we are saying? I pray not.

That kind of thing is LIFE. Are we to follow the European population into extinction of the Christian-Judeo populace?  That is where the European continent is heading you know. Christian and Jewish populations are experiencing a steady decline while the Islamic population is growing. What happens when there are not enough Christians remaining to defend the faith, or Jews to await their Messiah? What then?

“Ridiculous!” you claim. Well, there are still people among our ranks who say even the very idea of the Nazi Holocaust is ridiculous. The rest of us know differently, don’t we?  And to think that we have already lost more lives to abortion than in the whole of the Holocaust.  When will you stop saying, “ridiculous?”

It takes only a little time and effort from each of us to help bring an end to the bloodshed.  If more would only join in, it would decrease even more the amount of time and effort we would have to put forth to achieve a Culture of Life. The more of us on the front lines praying or going to the Crisis Pregnancy Centers volunteering our time and talent, simply put, means more attention focused on the abortionists and shameful acts they perform.  We can effect their business at the mills so drastically.  Those who seek their services would become aware of the assistance and alternatives available to them that there will be no need to murder our future. If we could only join forces and dry up their well of blood money, abortion could become a just one more atrocity of the past.

Now, wouldn’t that be the perfect birthday present to give our “baby” Jesus?

Merry Christmas.


Adopt the Mills is a national effort which unites all pro-life activists and churches in adopting community abortion facilities in order to advance a culture of life by guaranteeing a continuous presence in front of each and every abortion mill in America. This ecumenical effort is outside the realm of politics or legislation. It branches out to reach entities not currently involved in the movement, and to help those who are already out there to be more effective with greater numbers. It is put together in such a way as to umbrella the united efforts of other pro-life organizations, churches, and activists across the country.


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