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What does it mean to become complacent?'
What is the cost of this complacency?
What can we do to overcome our complacency?

com·pla·cen·cy (kom-pla-sen-see)n.

1. A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.

2. An instance of contented self-satisfaction.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

The end of another 40 Day campaign. It’s now safe for everyone to scurry back to their homes, their lives, their churches and sweep abortion under the rug until the next national campaign begins. Only a handful of the faithful remain outside the death mills in attempt to end abortion.

But the dedication of this handful is admirable and directed by God Himself. He has led them, and some of them don’t even realize that yet. They stand in the freezing temperatures, wind blowing, snow and rain falling. They stand in the blistering sun as well, for hours on end.

They attempt to speak to every woman who is so near making a “choice” that she will forever regret. They impact many lives without ever knowing they have done so.

Where are all the warrior who came out to help touch these lives during the past 40 days? Where are they now? Do they not know that the killing goes on? Do they feel that they have done their part for the cause of life. Is it their “choice” to just give up on the thousands and thousands of lives about to be ended this year alone? Five hundred plus saved during 40 days in limited areas nationwide – how encouraging can that truly be when we lose four thousand babies a day in the abortuaries?

Assuming that you have done your part – that you can now rest easy – satisfied with a job well done? Well living that lie – that is complacency, and I will pray for you as well when I am outside of the abortion mill praying for a “save” when I counsel, know why gave me the hands and feet and voice that I have.

You gave up your complacency for Lent if you participated in the Spring campaign. Could you not give that trait up permanently? There are lives depending on it.

Sign up with us to stand, pray and counsel at a mill in your own community. If there is an active group, join in and let them know we are here to support their efforts. If no group is active, contact me and learn how we can help make it happen.

As Peter Shinn has often reminded us:
“United We Stand! Divided They DIE!”

So they may have life, we stand ready to support your efforts.

Are you ready to give up your complaceny?


Adopt the Mills is a national effort which unites all pro-life activists and churches in adopting community abortion facilities in order to advance a culture of life by guaranteeing a continuous presence in front of each and every abortion mill in America. This ecumenical effort is outside the realm of politics or legislation. It branches out to reach entities not currently involved in the movement, and to help those who are already out there to be more effective with greater numbers. It is put together in such a way as to umbrella the united efforts of other pro-life organizations, churches, and activists across the country.


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