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What is a continuous presence?

A continuous presence is simply making sure that someone is in front of every abortion mill during business hours in America. George Tiller's abortion mill in Kansas was the first continuous presence in the world. There has been someone in front of that facility every minute of every business day for four years so far, resulting in countless lives saved.

We know that simply standing in front of abortion mills while praying or providing sidewalk counseling has an effect on the abortion mill's business. A number of facilities where prayer vigils have been held have closed their doors forever, and we are certain, by ramping up the effort, many more will close soon!

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Adopt the Mills is a national effort which unites all pro-life activists and churches in adopting community abortion facilities in order to advance a culture of life by guaranteeing a continuous presence in front of each and every abortion mill in America. This ecumenical effort is outside the realm of politics or legislation. It branches out to reach entities not currently involved in the movement, and to help those who are already out there to be more effective with greater numbers. It is put together in such a way as to umbrella the united efforts of other pro-life organizations, churches, and activists across the country.


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