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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


He is pushing now what he could not accomplish during his own two terms as President.

In 1994, President William Jefferson Clinton attempted to enact his version of nationwide health care coverage, not-so-affectionately dubbed Hilary-Care. He failed miserably. As a matter of fact, his plan never even came before the house for a vote and has often been blamed as a major reason the Republicans came to power in the House of Representatives during the 1994 midterm elections.

A mere fifteen years later, comes Mr. Clinton calling on President Obama to present his case for the bill during the party’s closed door caucus. He not only encouraged Democrats on The Hill to pass this bill, whether they like it or not, but stated that they could always make changes later.

Had this ability to just make these changes at a later date been in existence from the outset, why all of the wrangling and infighting when this bill could have merely been put to a vote and passed? That scenario would certainly have spared us all of the drama and still result in a bill of which we don’t approve.

One staffer reported Mr. Clinton had stated, “…if you don’t win on health care, the Republicans will define it for you,”

Ron Wyden, the third term Democratic Senator from Oregon, stated that the former president restated that time is of the essence and that it does not favor the Democrats’ side as the they gear up for another election year. Senator Wyden said, “There is a sense that the clock is ticking,”

There were no urgent discussions about reforms, costs, the pain and suffering that will result from this bill After all, this was just politics as usual. Fox News reported that Bill Clinton told Democratic senators that the “the worst thing to do is nothing” when it comes to health care reform. 

Well, I couldn’t agree more about “doing nothing.” More ‘nothing’ that we do the more abortions will be performed; the more we will pay to have more of the same old bureaucracy.


Adopt the Mills is a national effort which unites all pro-life activists and pro-life churches in adopting community abortion clinics, in order to advance a culture of life. This ecumenical effort is outside the realm of politics or legislation. It branches out to reach entities not currently involved in the movement. It is put together in such a way as to umbrella the united efforts of other pro-life organizations, churches, and activists across the country.


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