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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Some thoughts as to why though 40 Day was a great beginning, it cannot be the ending.

Well 40 Days for Life has come to an end. Subsequently, we can all take a deep cleansing breath and get some much needed rest. Following this, though, are we going to just wait until next spring next to take more action? Oh, I certainly hope not. I implore you to keep the vigils at the mills going during the entire time that the they are open -all year through.

I know all of you who participated faithfully in this last campaign are exhausted.  Most of us feel that we have done our good deed. Well, yes in a way we have, but isn’t there more we can, no should, be doing? Are we going to be content to pray, fast, gather for only 40 days and leave the victories lay outside the doors of the abortion mills until next year?

Can you imagine how many more people would have died during our past military wars when we joined together to form the Allied Forces and to fight a formidable foe if we had quit after one or two successful campaigns, not returning to for six months to take on the enemy again? War! Battle!  Yes, we are in a war and we are battling not only the abortionists, but our liberal representatives in power, society that has adopted a defeatist attitude or an attitude apathy. Meanwhile, our babies, are dying by the thousands every day. We are not powerless to end abortion unless we just stop fighting.

Today we all want to know what is the least we can do. We don’t want to expend more effort than necessary. Over time, we have developed a minimalist mind-set. Very few are willing to take the added time or unnecessarily exert themselves. Few but the abortionists that is. These doctors and mill operators are so well organized. They know their rights and entitlements; they are so methodical that one abortion mill alone can kill up to 80 plus babies in one day. Further, on days when they are not operating their execution chambers at one location, they are off at another repeating the process - over and over and over.

What takes place at the abortion mill when the executioner is not present? Well, inside, there is a well oiled machine at work—directing the daily routines that will ultimately lead to the untimely death of thousands more babies, destruction of the psyche of vulnerable young girls and women who think they have no alternative, who think that abortion is the only option they have available to them. Young boys and men often stand feeling helpless because they are losing the child they want to raise. Or, some of these men and boys are responsible for directing their partners to the mill to deal with the “problem”. 

If we are serious about closing down America’s Killing Fields, we need to act - not just for 40 or 80 days each year—although that was a great beginning. We need to develop a continuous presence at our local mills. We need to have a caring peaceful and prayerful presence outside of the mills. We need to greet these vulnerable mothers when they arrive for their initial appointments. We need to share with them the information they need. These actions are likely to help them to decide in favor of life instead of being manipulated by the experienced nurses and “counselors” awaiting them inside when they enter the mill confused, scared and open to receive the lies that will undoubtedly be doled out to them. Just knowing there MIGHT be another way is all it may take to save a baby’s life some days.

Other days, we may not be quite as fortunate, but at some point these mothers may be looking to find their way out of the maze of pain and guilt. You will have been there to provide support and to let them know that there is real help for them as they face this situation as well. The healing process is without a doubt a very long and lonely road for them to travel. You can change that simply by being there for them beforehand.

So, stop asking how little you can do; come join us, and see how much you can do—how much we can do together. By joining forces with Adopt The Mills, you will never be alone. We can support and assist you and we can share together the experience of “fighting the good fight.“  Since we are quickly running out of excuses to do the least, won’t you please join with us and make the most of it?


Adopt the Mills is a national effort which unites all pro-life activists and pro-life churches in adopting community abortion clinics, in order to advance a culture of life. This ecumenical effort is outside the realm of politics or legislation. It branches out to reach entities not currently involved in the movement. It is put together in such a way as to umbrella the united efforts of other pro-life organizations, churches, and activists across the country.


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