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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    With Pope Benedict XVI in Washington, D.C.

    Wednesday April 16, 2008 was a special day in the nation’s capitol with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the White House. As good fortune would have it I was privileged to have been invited for the festivities.  I should mention the fact that so were 12,000 other folks. We arrived at the southeast gate at 8:30 am only to be greeted by a very very long line and so many friends and comrades involved in the Pro-life movement over the last 35 years. The weather was beautiful ( I have to mention that because my mom always asks me about the weather) and the energy level throughout the crowd of dignitaries was quite elevated.

    Once inside the White House grounds we made our way to the South Lawn and then waited for the actual ceremony.

    After the formal presentation and the 21 gun salute followed by the respective anthems of the two nations, the president welcomed the pontiff. Pope Benedict hen spoke of the special place America has in the world and the importance of her role in defending and fostering freedom. He reminded us of the words of George Washington regarding religion and morality and the importance of respecting and protecting all human life especially from the moment of conception and that statement brought instant applause from the crowd.

    All in all a very momentous day. Later after some meetings on the Hill, I attended an event sponsored by the National Council for Adoption in Arlington honoring heroes in the adoption movement and working to raise awareness on the importance of fostering a positive attitude in the country toward adoption. For more information click here.Until my next post, have a great day.

    John Jakubczyk

    Posted by John Jakubczyk on 04/16 at 02:56 AM
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