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To achieve Pro-Life Unity we will establish standards that we all agree upon, and efforts that we all regularly participate in. By working together we can challenge the culture of death and the apathy which is pervasive in our society.

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Christian America, it’s time to be bold - It’s time to Stop Abortion Now Everywhere (SANE)



Is your church demanding an end to abortion?  Is your pastor encouraging you to oppose abortion?  Does your church even talk about abortion?  Does your church discourage women from having abortions?  Does your pastor encourage men to defend their unborn?

Most likely the answer to most of those questions is no.  Many churches do, but there are over 300,000 in this country, so I guarantee you that most don’t.

There’s a saying - “Are you a man or a mouse?”  Being “a man” used to mean something.  I’m wondering if it means anything anymore.  100 million men are turning their backs as millions of women kill their babies right in front of them.  Heck, the men are even paying for it and driving the women to the abortion mill, delivering their children to the slaughter.

If our churches won’t lead us, than we must lead them.  Four thousand of God’s children are killed every single day in America alone.  It’s been 37 years and 50 million dead babies since Roe v Wade.  We can’t wait for them any longer.

Christian America, it’s time to be bold.  It’s time to be SANE - Stop Abortion Now Everywhere

Click here to watch our Pastor’s Letter video production.  Hear what it’s like to have pastors speak the truth about abortion, the way it should be done in all of our churches, regularly.

Then, click the contact button on that page to send us an email and request a DVD of this production so that you can hand it to your pastor and your church leadership.  If they can manage to watch this video and not want to help defend the unborn, than maybe your church is not the one for you.  We are working on a DVD / video production that can be distributed to the church body though.  It’s possible that things can change from the bottom up!

If you don’t have a pro-life ministry in your church and need help creating one, or you need us to come help introduce the life message to your church, include that information in your email to us.

We can end abortion, we must end abortion, we will end abortion

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand ~ Divided they die

Pass it on



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