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Huffington Post Whines About Buffer Zone Protecting Free Speech

If it were the other way around, the Huffington Post would celebrate the wisdom of the Supreme Court.  Instead, because SCOTUS ruled against their prized “right”, abortion, they tell us that SCOTUS is being hypocritical.  The difference is, the Supreme Court and other federal buildings need buffer zones to protect them from terrorists, whereas nobody has a right to stop free speech just for the heck of it.  If the liberals had their way, anyone who spoke against them would be arrested and put into indoctrination camps.

You can read their boo hoo article here

Note what isn’t mentioned, that it was a 9-0 ruling.  Not even their liberal friends on the court agree with the pro-baby-killing Huffington Post.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity
United we Stand ~ Divided they Die

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Posted by Turnstile on 06/28 at 09:51 AM
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