§ Volunteer Form

Click here to fill out our volunteer form. We can help you identify what you would like to do to help the unborn, and then connect you with either our efforts or other efforts near you

§ What is Pro-Life Unity?

To achieve Pro-Life Unity we will establish standards that we all agree upon, and efforts that we all regularly participate in. By working together we can challenge the culture of death and the apathy which is pervasive in our society.

§ Action Code

Help promote the Pro-Life Action Calls which are put out by Pro-Life organizations nationwide.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to email us and we will send you the Action Code & sign you up as a member of Pro-Life Unity. Your site will be listed on the Members page

§ Life Principles

Click here for the timeless Life Principles that were established over 30 years ago by the March for Life Education and Defense Fund.

Join The Pro-Life Unity Team!

Are you looking for ways to help the Pro-Life movement?  Do you have computer, communications and outreach skills?  If so, you have come to the right place!  Pro-Life Unity is looking for dedicated people who want to help us help the unborn, the helpless and the Pro-Life community.  Pick from the categories below and join our team.  We are reaching around the world to help unite Pro-Life people and organizations, and deliver the message of LIFE to all, as we encourage many to get involved.

Web and Graphics Development


Seeking Volunteer Web and Graphics Designers to help maintain and build up our growing list of sites. 

ChristianUnity.us (New site, needs to be built from the ground up)

Editors and Reporters

We are also looking for freelance and in-house (well, your house anyway, but working directly with us) Editors, Reporters, Bloggers, Writers, Photographers and Videographers for ProLifeNews.tv and our other sites.  Material will likely be cross-posted on the other sites, and may also be aggregated through ProLifeBlogs.com.

Events Researcher

We need people to help us find Pro-Life events which take place around the country, and around the world, so that we may put them into our Pro-Life Unity calendar.  This calendar will be used by people to help them get involved in their locations.

Volunteer Recruitment and Communications

Recruit and interact with volunteers to help them be more effective in their desire to help the Pro-Life movement.

Join our team and the exciting world of Pro-Life ACTION!  You will be amazed at how many lives are saved around the country every day, and how many people are helped with Pro-Life news and information.  Click here to send us an email and

Click here to volunteer and join the exciting world of Pro-Life Unity!

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