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Letter to Virginia Counselman Who Supported Pro-Life Legislation

I am a social worker who has been providing counseling to pregnant teens and women for over 30 years. I know all the reasons women have abortions.  I have sat with them for hours as they agonize over the decision that they feel they have to make because of the overwhelming problems in their lives. They know that the abortion will not solve any of those problems.  Many know that it may just add to it.  My job as a counselor is to help them look for solutions to those problems. Generally what we find is hope. We can find that there is a way out of the problem and it does not require the taking of another life to do that. For some, raising the child will not fit into their life at this point and so adoption gives them a resolution where they can feel they have given their child the best chance at life possible. That is a tremendous blessing. You know the sense of satisfaction you feel when you have done something for someone else – it is the root of what makes us human.  When it comes after a personal sacrifice, the joy is even greater!

On the other hand, I have counseled countless women who had abortions and the only way you can describe the sound of their pain is “wailing and gnashing of the teeth”.  Most of these women felt that they made a decision that was right at the time of the abortion.  (Although virtually all made the decision because of the pressure from someone else – usually the baby’s father – so much for a woman’s right to choose.)  All of us can imagine the pain that a woman must live with daily if she was to accidentally kill a child in an automobile accident.  Now imagine it was your child and it was destroyed because of a conscious decision that you made.  This is the agony that these women live with every day.  Some will be able to continue the denial for decades that it was just “contents of my uterus”, but when the realization hits, the pain is not blunted – even 40-50 years later.  Also, the denial does not come without its costs.  These women’s lives are often filled with chronic problems – alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, failed relationships, etc.  Many have been in counseling for years, but do not understand the cause of their problems.  Do you wonder at the increase of depression in our society?

NOVA Women’s Healthcare was the largest abortion provider until it closed.  That means it herded women in and cleaned them out.  If you read comments on line, patients talk about sitting for hours waiting for their appointments.  They advertise that they have anesthesiologists so that they can put you out, but they don’t say anything about counseling about the emotional and psychological effects of the procedure.  Do you think there is even a conversation about:  do you understand what is going to happen to you today and is it a decision that you made freely without coercion?  Do you know that it is a living human being? – most clients should have learned that in high school biology (if they are old enough to have had that class), but often it has been forgotten in the midst of their current crisis. But short term memory loss does not change reality.  They will have to face that reality every day for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for taking the lives of these girls and women so seriously.  No one should be able to profit off the misery of another person and have the government just look the other way.  Your obligation as elected officials is to the welfare of your citizenry. Your action to require high standards in this business shows that you have taken your oath seriously.

Mary Beth Style, M.S. W.

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Posted by Turnstile on 07/16 at 07:25 PM
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