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My comments to the editor at the Telegraph after their lies about the Sandy Hook shootings

I’m getting tired of the media droning on and on about how “assault weapons” used at Sandy Hook.  The latest Telegraph article prompted me to finally respond to these lies.  I wrote to them:

Your article ‘US assault weapons ban heading for defeat in Senate’ is typical of the media lies on the assault weapons issue in the United States. 

First of all, no “assault weapon” was used, only pistols.  Second of all, the Feinstein bill does not ban one weapon which was actually used at Sandy Hook.

Other lying statements you made include:

“Military-style assault weapons have been the weapon of choice in a number of recent US mass shootings, including one at a elementary school in Newtown,”


“A ban on weapons like the rifle used at Newtown”

Click here for the truth, but you probably already know, you just want to continue to be a PR machine for anti-weapons bills in America.

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Posted by Turnstile on 03/15 at 07:33 AM
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