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Northern Virginia IS Pro-Life Rally

The NOVA Project Presents:

Northern Virginia IS Pro-Life Rally
Fall Sanctity of Life Event
Saturday, October 23, 2010
Fairfax, Virginia
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Elizabeth Farah - Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Worldnetdaily.com
Erik Whittington, Rock for Life;
Dean Nelson, Director, Network of Politically Active Christians
Peter Shinn, President, Pro-Life Unity; and
Pastor Joseph Ellison, Vice President, Virginia Christian Alliance.
Olivia Gans, President Virginia Society for Human Life
Kristan Hawkins Students for Life
Andrea Pearson, Silent No More

The NOVA (Northern Virginia) Project is calling on pro-life leadership and individuals, across the state,  to join in a united outcry for the unborn and the defenseless on October 23 from 2-4 pm at the Government Center Elipse in Fairfax, Virginia.  The Northern Virginia IS Pro-Life (NVIP) Rally will bring together Virginia’s large number of pro-life leaders and volunteers, strengthen our bonds and unity, and encourage our Virginia representatives in government.

Will you join with us to celebrate the life revolution which is taking place around Virginia?  Pro-life and Christian leaders and people from all over Northern Virginia will gather to proclaim the fact that support for Life is strong and growing right here in an area long assumed to be indifferent, if not hostile to the Sanctity of Life.  Recently, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued a legal opinion which gives the state Board of Health the ability to write new regulations that would require abortion facilities to be subject to the same health standards as hospitals.  Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has made his commitment to Life clear, and stands with us.  As we go into election day this November, let us “Stand Up and Be Counted” for Life encouraging more and more of our elected leaders to join us.

Please mark your calendars and bring as many people as you can.  Be a part of the thousands of people who will answer the call to defend the defenseless in Virginia.  Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity stated “It is time for everyone of good conscience to become activists.  “Pro-life” isn’t a word, it’s an action.”

There are four things you can do to participate: 

1.      Join us on October 23 from 2pm to 4pm in Fairfax, Virginia; and everyone you know to come. 
2.      Tell other organizations about this event & encourage them to come.
2.      Post the event on your website.
3.      Promote the Northern Virginia is Pro-Life Rally where ever possible; tell people you know about it; invite your family and friends.

Thank you for your dedication and willingness to defend the unborn!  We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at the NVIP Rally.

For His Glory,
Albert Strong
Virginia Pro-Life Unity

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