Top Ten Myths about 501(c)(3) Lobbying and Political Activity

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Cherish Life Ministries Calendar

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Because of the silence of the church

Is your church still on the sidelines of the killing of innocent human beings?

"Abortion is a phenomenally, grisly business. Like the doctrine of hell, I think abortion is something you cannot look at closely for too long because it will literally drive you mad."

"What we can and should do is push look closer, and closer, and closer, to get into, the horror so it stops being merely an important political issue that might influence our vote"

- R.C. Sproul Jr.

Watch the video, and then click here to get involved, right now, not tomorrow. Four thousand people will die today because of the silence of the church.

- Peter Shinn

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Start your own Cherish Life Ministry!

The services and support we provide you with are unmatched in the Pro-Life community. Our goal is to help you create or enhance a LIFE Ministry in your church so that you may close your local abortion mills and help end abortion nationally. It's simple to get started. Fill out the form and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

When you sign up, we will set up a web site for you, give you contact information to one of our national representatives and start to connect you with the tools you need to defend the defenseless where you live. So don't delay another moment, fill out the form and give it a try.

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