Resources for Life

On this page we will connect you to the various resources available to help you with your life ministry

Understanding the life debate

Would you like to learn more about the life debate?  The following links will connect you to people and organizations who will help you understand the fine points.  Before you check them out though, understand this, you really only need to understand one single argument.  No matter what you are debating with anyone on the topic of abortion, ask them:

“Are we talking about a human being?”
“If the answer is yes, than the only difference between me and you is that you want to kill innocent humans in the womb and I want them to live”
“If the answer is no, than you either don’t understand or agree with accepted common biology, and there’s nothing more than can be said, except for one thing.  If I’m wrong, there will be more people in the world, if you’re wrong, people will continue to be killed by abortion.”

Sidewalk counseling

What is sidewalk counseling?  It’s when you go out to the abortion facilities to help women turn from the killing of their children.  Talk about “saved at the last minute”.  Dick Retta, a defender of life who counsels in Washington D.C. has saved over 300 people from the cruel fate of abortion, one woman and one baby at a time.  It’s not for everyone, but if you think you want to do it, click here to fill out our volunteer form and check the box “Sidewalk Counseling”.

Click here to view a 7 part video series on sidewalk counseling produced by the Pro-Life Action League

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List

Almost everything you need to know about and for the movement can be found at Pro-Life Unity’s Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List.  Click here to check it out, and recommend sites if you know of any others that aren’t listed!