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Saturday, October 06, 2007

ATL pray for young post-abortion girl

This morning at Surgi-Center on Spring St. a very young girl (not possibly more than 12, probably younger) was dropped off along with her grandmother on the curb at Surgi-Center by her father. Sheila was doing the sidewalk counseling and reported that the father was very gruff, mean spirited and unapproachable-very calloused to the plight of his young daughter. The girl was taken inside the clinic and the counselors were ignored. Later, I arrived around noon with four of my children, and 5 women remained praying out in front of the mill right by the waiting room windows. The waiting room windows have drawn blinds.

As everyone prayed together, the young girl inside parted the blinds, her face practically pressed against the glass. Only about 3 inches of her face were visible. She stayed like that many minutes, her eyes filled with fear and hopelessness. The five women gathered around the window, touching the glass where her face was with their hands and praying over her. I was directly across the street, watching and praying, with my little ones gathered around me. The children pointed her out, having never seen anyone part the blinds like that.

Finally, someone pulled her back, the blinds closed, and we did not see her again. I know this little girl is in her bed tonight, in immense pain, and without anyone in the world to love and protect her. I was thankful that there were prayer warriors out there today, interceding for this child/mother who was most likely raped. Please cover this child in your prayers. That God would cover her with protection, and bring her help!

Posted by Jenny Hodges on 10/06 at 12:02 AM
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