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Monday, March 17, 2008

Pro-Life Legislators Love Animals more than Humans

I love animals, and I believe that it is our duty to care for our animals honorably. However, human life and well being is greatly superior to animal life and well being. Unfortunately, our House and Senate have insured that animal life has higher value in our state than human life.

Under current Georgia law if I were to perform an abortion on a fetal pig (a D&E abortion which is a dissection and extraction, where you cut the live baby up and remove her one piece at a time) I could go to prison for 5-7 years for cruelty to animals. Yet we do this to 500 babies a week in Atlanta.

According to 16-12-4 in the Georgia law code, it is a criminal act to withhold food and water from an animal for any reason. In nursing homes and hospitals all over the state, it is perfectly legal to withhold food and water from terminally ill patients. Humans are dehydrated to death, frequently without even alerting the family. Remember Terri Schiavo? Unfortunately, Terri’s case wasn’t special, just better publicized. This act is legal in all 50 states, because the American Medical Association has defined giving food and water as offering medical intervention. Better re-write your living wills. This is a gruesome way to die that can take well over a week.

The Georgia House, who effectively killed the Human Life Amendment, has rushed through a bill criminalizing dog fighting which is now in the Senate and the care of supposedly pro-life Republican Chip Rogers of Woodstock.  In the Cobb GOP luncheon when the Human Life Amendment and Sanctity of Life bills were discussed by Glenn Richardson and others, Senator Rogers remained completely silent. But when it comes to animal rights, Senator Rogers is taking a firm and aggressive stand. In fact, according to an AJC article last week, he’s been working on protecting dogs from dog fighting for four years! Slaughtered Georgia babies take a back seat for Senator Rogers, but when it comes to the family dog, his devotion is front and center.

How many Republican Representatives stood on principle and refused to vote in favor of the dog fighting bill sponsored by Republican Bobby Reese from Sugar Hill? Two. Bobby Franklin and Barry Loudermilk. Over 60 Representatives claimed to uphold the sanctity of human life and signed onto the Human Life Amendment which was killed by a 3 to 4 vote in committee. Save two, all those same Representatives insured that animal life continues to be held in higher regard than human life and voted in favor of the dog fighting bill. This is a disgrace.

I urge you to call your Representative and rebuke him or her for voting yes to the dog fighting bill. Urge him to insure that HB1 is brought to the House floor for a vote. Furthermore, call your Senator and let him know that human life is of greater value than animal life. Encourage him to vote against HB 301, and instead take a stand against pre-born murder and euthanizing our old and terminally ill Georgians.

Posted by Jenny Hodges on 03/17 at 10:01 AM
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