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Friday, August 31, 2007

The January 14th Let Them Live Rally

I’ve been prolife since I was in the 4th grade and went to GRTL’s march for life, but beyond the march, a few pro-life t-shirts, and some activism in highschool, I never did much else. That all changed this year, and on May 12th I officially became a pro-life activist. I’ve spent time in front of abortion mills, time talking to legislators, and time at pro-life functions and events. It has made me reflect on 34 years of abortion and 50 million dead babies. How can a country fascinated by Hitler, be committing atrocities that far exceed Nazi Germany?

In my quest for the perfect marketing strategy for Georgia’s Human Life Amendment, HR 536, I began analyzing the problems in Georgia. First, there is not a good networking system in place connecting all the pro-life entities. Sure, GRTL has a great system for communicating with their chapters, and the Archdiocese of Atlanta is the same way, but what about the sidewalk counselors, CPC’s, maternity homes, and that random pro-lifer who wants to get involved? And those people aren’t necessarily connected with the local parish or GRTL chapter. And where are the protestants? I’m beginning to think that a crusade was called and they’ve all left the country in search of conquest and glory elsewhere. I’m a protestant and still here, so maybe I missed the memo.

The next problem I noticed was on the sidewalk in front of the abortion mills. The last two pro-life bills passed into law for Georgia were the “Woman’s Right to Know” bill and the “Sonogram” bill. After talking with DHR, GRTL, the Archdiocese of Atlanta, abortion clinics and legislators, I’ve come to the conclusion that both laws cannot possibly be enforced. I’m not sure that they’re much good enforced, but that debate is pointless because there is simply no way to enforce them, period. This is a problem.

I began digging through statistics in May. Who was aborting their babies and why, that was the question. I discovered that 28% of Georgia is African American, and 60% of aborted babies are also African American. Being at the abortion mills on Saturdays, I noticed that most of the mothers were black. The pro-life meetings and events that I attended were mostly white, and I felt like that was a problem, too. Who were the leaders in the black communities? How could I connect with them? Trying to counsel African American couples not to abort on the sidewalk I felt….like I wasn’t connecting. This was a problem.

I don’t enjoy discussing problems as much as fixing them. The first problem, lack of networking, God brought an answer to in the form of Peter Shinn of yes, the site that you are currently on. We began talking regularly in late May. Peter gave me an education on the history and baggage of the pro-life world, since I was very new to activism. Then he encouraged me to bring Georgians together on the website, and he came down to help kick off the effort at the Pro-life Unity Network meeting (for footage, see This morning we had our first conference call bringing people on board. It is going to take a couple months to get the site well developed and functional, but we are off to a good start.

The next problem was the incremental legislation. In general, incrementalism does not appeal to me at all. I feel like the underlying philosophy is decidedly non-christian. I think of it this way. Remember when Jesus was taken into custody, and Peter sat by the fire in the courtyard hoping for some news? Peter was asked three times if he was with Jesus and three times he denied it. Why? He decided that incrementalism was the answer. He didn’t plan on rejecting Jesus for all time, just at that time. Clearly it wasn’t a good time to take a stand. He would have been thrown in jail. How could he best serve God from jail? Peter decided that he would wait to claim Christ until the winds blew more favorably. Peter was in sin. This is how I think of the pro-life movement. We shouldn’t demand sweeping legislation that upholds the rights of the unborn or demands that abortionists be put on trial for murder because now isn’t a good time. We will uphold the sanctity of human life when the winds blow more favorably. In the mean time, we can try legislating morality into something intrinsically evil through things like….sonogram bills. Ultimately, legislation is not the answer. We need the transforming power of the gospel of Christ and the Holy Spirit. That will give birth to revival throughout our people, which will in turn give birth to righteous legislation based on a Biblical moral code. Hail Georgia’s Human Life Amendment, HR 536. This bill would amend the Georgia constitution to grant personhood to the unborn and the right to life from fertilization to natural death. Without repentance, revival and leadership from churches and pastors all over the state, the bottom line is that there won’t be enough groundswell to ensure the passage of HR 536. You can be a big part of fixing this problem. Ask your pastor and your church to get involved with Georgia’s Human Life Amendment and pro-life activism.

Finally, I come to the third problem identified in this essay, namely, no unity between whites and blacks. Well, I didn’t have an answer to this one, but God led me to a helping hand in the form of Dr. Johnny Hunter of LEARN. Johnny took me under his wing, gave me an education (which I’m still working on, or he’s still working on, I guess), come into town and started connecting me with people. I have met the most wonderful, on fire for the gospel of Christ, people than I have ever know in my 31 years of existence. Though I’m very happy to be a reformed Presbyterian and as such a “frozen chosen”, hanging out with dynamic folks, and spending time in prayer together, combined with vivid dreams and visions is fast moving me into a whole new realm of feeling the Spirit.

If you’ve reached a point of discouragement as a pro-lifer, start identifying problems and then seeking Biblical resolutions. Don’t just listen and watch and read pro-life news and issues. Become an integral part of the movement, and pray that God would use you to advance His kingdom and end the abortion holocaust. I’m praying for you, too!

Posted by Jenny Hodges on 08/31 at 01:43 AM
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