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Friday, June 26, 2009

2 Powerful Fathers Day Vigils in GA/More Leaders Raised Up in the Movement for Life, Liberty & Unity

Last weekend saw two powerful vigils, one at Governors Ridge in Marietta, and one at the Capitol downtown.
On Saturday morning (6/20), before dawn there were over 100 people lining the sidewalk in front of Governors Ridge office park holding candles and signs, praying & singing. 
Shortly after dawn, by 7am, there were 154 people, Hispanic, White, Black, Protestant, Catholic - truly a show of unity - but we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sarita Davila and the over 100 Hispanic brothers and sisters who were there and who so faithfully come, many of them, on a weekly or even daily basis.  (Please keep all prayer warriors/sidewalk counselors in your prayers, especially the daily folks.) 
Sarah reported that the number of abortions was down from it’s usual number to 10 last Saturday, so we hope that means many decided not to turn in upon seeing all the prayer warriors. 
Republican candidate for GA Governor, Ray McBerry, led some of the prayers shortly after dawn.  Later Ray said he was deeply moved by the experience of being at the mill and for the first time seeing a woman drive past him only moments away from having an abortion.  He noted that she purposefully avoided looking at the many people praying along the sidewalk, obviously affected by their silent, loving witness of prayer.  Ray and son and all who saw her prayed deeply from the heart for her, with much grief for baby & mom.
Padre Jaime, a local priest was also there -  this makes the 4th or 5th Saturday in a row Padre has accompanied them at Governors Ridge.

On Sunday evening (6/21), LaNell Babbage-Torres led a group in witness and prayer at the GA State Capitol downtown.  The combination of Nathan playing the bagpipe from the Capitol steps with a large photographic poster of a baby at 8 weeks after conception, and the words, “Happy Fathers Day! Choose Life!” was quite powerful and many young men drove by taking note of it all. 

It was wonderful to have LaNell and Jacqueline Meneese, two relatively new sidewalk counselors/prayer warriors out there, because they give powerful witness to the Black community, who are losing the greatest number of children proportionately to abortion. 

A man and his daughter drove by, parked nearby and joined us - turns out they were with a pro-life group, IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City, were in town for the weekend, and happened to drive past the Capitol Bldg. 

At one point, we prayed with a homeless man, Richard, who was preparing his bed for the night across the street in the doorway of the church.  Richard did most of the praying, and totally blew me away with his depth of faith and gratitude to God for all His blessings - I was moved to tears by the witness & beauty of this man.  Please keep him and another young homeless man, Shey, in your prayers.
Although the group was small, we all felt the power of the Holy Spirit in a BIG way as we prayed together for the legislators and people of Georgia, especially the dads.  The Lord impressed it upon my heart from the experience that what may seem to be small in the eyes of the world, when blessed by God, has great power in the spiritual realm (Mark 4:30-32 came to mind), and that even if just one or two people pray at the mills or govt buildings for His Kingdom to come, it is of great power & effect.
I’d like to share a little more of what the Lord has put upon LaNell’s heart in leading these first annual Mothers Day and Fathers Day Choose Life Vigils/Rallies at the Capitol and hopefully next year festivals beforehand.  In LaNell’s words, they will be “a platform for all Pro-Life (as well as other Christian Family) outreaches to come together. We are fighting the same fight on many fronts, as God has called us to do. We are the answer the world is looking for. This will be a time of celebration, intercession and education on the support that God has made available, for we are His Body. The world will come to the party and get the Word in Love, Forgiveness and Example. I will invite organizations who teach abstinence, traditional marriage, voting for pro-life & Judeo-Christian values etc.  Our great commission starts with Life!  This move of God in unity will spread to all 50 states. Keep me in your prayers as I will be praying for you also.”
Thanks to all for your prayers, whether at the mills, from church or from home!

Posted by Margarita on 06/26 at 09:11 PM
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