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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Truth-truck Scores Another Home-Run!

    Dale Weldy and the Truth-truck as seen from the vantage point of the couple who were so shocked that they did not enter the Tiller Abortion Facility for an abortion. See fascinating story below.

    The KANSAS COALITION FOR LIFE, Project Love, Prayer, and Persistent Political Action
    5575 South Mosley Street, Wichita, KS 67216-3631     PHONE: (316) 522-8866     FAX: (316) 522-8833
    INCIDENT REPORT:      Donna Lampkin
    Wednesday, February 7, 2007
    Shift Start:      Shift End:
        8:30 AM       12:45 PM
      CONFIRMED SAVE; Donna Lampkin, Richard Moss, and Dale Weldy:

    In the early afternoon, just prior to the end of Donna’s shift, a brown van with a Kansas “Temporary” tag approached Tiller’s driveway from the north, intending to go into Tiller’s parking lot. However, they were redirected to the proLife Choices Medical Clinic parking lot by Donna Lampkin and by Richard Moss who was holding a sign directing them toward Choices.

    The couple parked at Choices, then exited their vehicle and began walking toward Tiller’s parking lot, intending to go in to keep their appointment for an early-term abortion. (The lady is 7-weeks pregnant.)

    While walking the short distance between the Choices Medical Clinic parking lot, and Tiller’s parking lot, the couple stopped on the sidewalk to look at the large aborted-baby picture on the side of the Truth-truck. The couple, an Hispanic man and a Caucasian lady, were reported to be visibly moved by the picture, and stopped walking just to view it. As they conversed with each other, they looked at the billboard picture on the Truth-truck intermittently, while talking and looking at each other, with obvious concern.

    Donna approached them, and was able to talk them into going into Choices Medical Clinic first, …to check them out before going into Tillers. In her conversation with them, Donna learned that this couple already has four children, and that they are being pressured, or actually are being “forced” into having the abortion by extended family members, due their financial situation. Note that their financial situation appears to be a temporary problem. He was out of work due to illness for some time, but is now back at work.

    Later, after Donna had completed her shift and left, the father of the unborn baby came out of Choices Medical Clinic and talked to Dale, while his wife remained inside talking to a counselor and viewing a video.

    The only reason that this couple is considering an abortion is financial hardship. There is no fetal medical problem, no problem with them not wanting the child, only an urgent need for money. They are currently about to be evicted from their duplex, with no where else to go, because they are behind on paying rent.

    The lady’s Mom, was going to pay Tiller to kill her grandchild, as a pre-condition to her helping her daughter’s family pay the rent, so that the family would not be evicted.

    Donna, Dale and Richard each called, me, Mark Gietzen, urging KCFL to offer financial help in this case. In fact Donna Lampkin had already told the lady that we would help, not knowing what the KCFL financial situation is. However, it was the right thing to do.

    -UPDATE 2007-Feb-8-

    I had a long phone conversation with Francisca, the above mother of five, with the youngest child being a perfectly formed 7-week old unborn child.

    In that conversation I learned that we need more signs on the Truth-truck, front and back. Francisca told me that she and her husband did not even notice the Truth-truck until they were walking between Choices Medical Clinic and Tillers.

    “When we first noticed that abortion picture on that truck, we were shocked!”, Francisca said, which was what was reported by both Donna and Richard yesterday.

    Both Francisca and her husband were raised Catholic, but are now attending a Protestant church ...one that is NOT ProLife. From their Catholic upbringing, they were against abortion, but faced with an ultimatum from her Mom they went along with her demands, with included having the abortion.

    Farncisca’s Mom, was willing to help with the rent, but only if Francisca first had an abortion. It was Francisca’s Mom who was intending to pay for the abortion.

    Francisca was left with two choices: Keep the baby and have her entire family out on the street, or, have the abortion now, and her Mom would help pay the rent so that they would not face eviction from their home ...with no where else to go. Francisca considered abortion to be her only option, one that she would take for the good of her family. She considered abortion to be the lesser of two bad options for her and her family ...but that was before she saw the picture of the aborted baby on the side of the Truth-truck.

    Neither Francisca nor her husband had ever seen a photo of an aborted baby before in their entire life.

    Francisca said that when she saw the picture, that she knew immediately that she could not go through with the abortion. She also said that when Donna Lampkin held out the possibility of getting financial help from KCFL, that it really made a difference in her decision not to keep her appointment at Tiller’s. She said that everything that she learned at Choices Medical Clinic only reinforced her decision NOT to go through with the abortion. She was very thankful and appreciative that the volunteers and the Truth-truck were there on-site, and she had kind words for the good people inside Choices Medical Clinic.

    Even though she is a mother of four other children, ages 9, 8, 6, and 1, Francisca said that she had no idea that an abortion kills a baby that is already formed and alive!

    “I am so glad that we found out about it BEFORE we went through with it!” Francisca said.

    She added; “I kept thinking last night; what would I have done if I found out about this AFTER I already had the abortion?”

    Francisca said that on the Sunday before last, she wanted to make an announcement in her Church, telling the congregation that she was pregnant, hoping to get some emotional support and encouragement, and maybe, by some chance, some financial help from her friends. Unfortunately, she was prevented from making the announcement in the way that she wanted to, and the news of her pregnancy was taken very negatively by the people in her church. Instead of being happy about her pregnancy, she was told that she was being irresponsible by having another child when they were having difficulty taking care of the ones that they already have.

    Francisca said that it was not only her Mom who insisted that she have an abortion, but everyone around her, except for her husband. Her husband, James, never thought that an abortion was a good idea, and when he saw the Truth-truck he was even more opposed to it.

    In the phone conversation with Francisca, she would not stop saying, “Thank You”. She repeatedly said thank you for having volunteers at the gate, and thank you for Donna offering hope that KCFL may be able to help them with the rent, etc., etc. She even thanked me for the nice counselors at Choices Medical Clinic - a thank you that I am happy to forward to them. She said that we were the first people who offered her help, instead of condemnation.

    (I wish I had a recording of her words, in her voice and tone to share with everyone. Since I do not, I want every KCFL volunteer, and every Choices Medical Clinic volunteer to know that they have been severely and thoroughly thanked by this lady!)

    Although KCFL is not currently in a good financial position, having yet to cover the cost of the ProLife Signature Ad that ran on January 22nd, we WILL raise the money for this family, so that money and the threat of eviction cannot be used to coerce this lady into having an abortion.

    Furthermore, our offer of help to this family is long-term. It extends to beyond the day that the baby is born, and ends only when our help is no longer needed, even if that is 18 years from now!

    NOTE: When KCFL offers direct financial assistance, we do so in a prudent and non-bureaucratic manner. We are very careful not to fund bad habits, substance abuse, or laziness. We offer and give the help that is truly needed in those situations where other social services do not reach. In this case there appears to be a true, urgent, and temporary financial need that we intend to meet.

    Anyone interested in helping this family should call (316) 522-8866. No donation is too small.

    If you cannot donate, please pray devoutly and routinely for the volunteers who are at the gate. We are there all day, every day that Tiller is open for business.

    Posted by Turnstile on 02/13 at 05:27 PM
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