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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hillcrest Report - March Update



Again in an effort to get back on schedule, this report will cover the weeks ending March 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 and will be a short form, mainly covering the activities of the various abortion mills usually reported on.

I apologize for getting so far behind schedule.

 386 of our neighborhood children brutally put to death.

 17 children narrowly escape a horrible death.

REPORT FOR THE WEEKS ENDING SATURDAY March 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2008

Details on 17 saves.

Two saves at Main Street, Tuesday, March. 4: In the words of Gail: The 1st SAVE : (Thanks to a humble pro-lifer who sent me this report) : A young woman stayed in her car where a counselor,  (who prefers to remain nameless, because of feelings that many, including many prayer warriors all over, are responsible for the save/s),  was walking up and down the sidewalk praying the rosary, visibly. 

The young woman got out of her car and the counselor offered the usual: information about the abortionists and their medical record (which is horrid), and other literature…She would not take anything and went into the clinic.  He didn’t even get the chance to talk with her.  About 35 minutes later, the woman came out of the clinic, with a wide smile.  That is never what we see, customarily.  A counselor said to her…“So, you didn’t have an abortion, did you?” She said, “NO!”  Then, she approached the counselor and said, “It was that rosary….you kept walking near my car praying that rosary…I couldn’t go through with it….it was that rosary.”  Well, that was miracle (Blessed Mother) #1…but, then, the woman (Miracle #2) repeated it again as [...a man approached…witnessing the power of the Holy Rosary to that man]

It was a true testimony to the power of the Holy Rosary. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!!!
The 2nd SAVE : (Miracle # 3 according to a humble pro-lifer): A young couple, on their way for an abortion, stopped to listen to the sidewalk counselors.
Angela was talking to the woman & another counselor was talking to the young woman's boyfriend. Angela said that the woman wasn't accepting literature, so she explained what was in the literature, warning her of the risks, etc. She told her about the post-abortive woman who had cried in front of the mill last week because of her an abortion there. The other counselor talked to the boyfriend & found out that they were from WV. He was surprised & asked "Why do you come here from so far?"

The West Virginian pro-lifers said, "The Lord sends us here to rescue babies and women." They told them that thier baby was precious to them. The young man said he did not want his girl friend to have this abortion & asked the pro-lifers, "Could you talk to her?" Thankfully, they did. They listened to the counselors, (while the prayer warriors prayed), but then decided to go in the mill.

The woman said she was going in for an ultra-sound but according to another counselor, they don't do ultra-sounds there.

Anyway, everyone continued to pray & the couple changed their minds & came back out in a short time. The counselors talked to them again. The counselor told them about a Birthright in WV & even about a minister in Summit Point & about St James where they might be helped. Then, the counselor & prayer warrior followed up & called the minister & checked at Saint James to help this young couple & their baby.

CONGRATULATIONS Angela & all of the counselors & prayer warriors!!!

Thank you all for your prayers. They are working! Thank God!

A save at the Jackson Place abortion mill on Saturday, March 8: The young fellow left the mill at about noon and headed south. The Rachel counselor attempted to speak to a young man, but his English was as bad as the counselor's Spanish - virtually no communication. Upon his return and as he was again approaching the Rachel counselor, his female abortion minded companion appeared from behind the 966 Jackson Place units and met her friend in the 966 front driveway. They walked north and boarded a south bound bus at the bus stop just adjacent to the north entrance to 966.)

One save at Metropolitan abortion mill, Saturday, March 8: In the words of Nash Monsour: Sally gave a set of brochures to one couple. Later they came out of the abortion place and left. On the way out the woman told me she wouldn't get an abortion today but hadn't decided yet whether she would get one later or not. Sally told the man she would pray for them and he thanked her. A save for a little while, at least.

A save at Main Street, Thursday, March 13: In the words of Gail: A woman drove 1 1/2 hours from Penna. to the abortion mill. Geri talked with her & counseled her. She went in & then came back out saying she wasn't having an abortion there. Geri talked with her & hopefully, she will never go for an abortion. Please, pray for her & her baby. Thank you. CONGRATULATIONS to Geri for the SAVE!!!

A save at Planned Parenthood, 16th St. Sat. March 15: No details available.

Two saves at Main Street, Thursday. March 20: Two young women walked towards the abortuary and Angela started talking to them. They listened to everything she had to say, took the pamphlets, and then decided to go to Birthright. Angela and Mary Angela took the 2 women to Birthright and counseled them on the way there. At Birthright Sue helped the women & the women told her they would come back to Birthright again to see Sue & her co-worker Donna. They were happy to find people who truly cared about them & their babies.

Three saves at Spring St. Planned Parenthood, Sat. March 22: No details available.

Three saves at Main Street, Tuesday, March 25: In the words of Gail: Jim & his son, Mike, talked with a couple who were heading into the abortion mill. The man wanted the abortion, but the woman did not want to have an abortion. They talked the couple out of having an abortion!

Also, a little later in the morning, Mike talked with a young woman who said she was going in for an abortion. He talked to her for a while & had pamphlets for her. She listened to him intently but then went into the abortion mill. The pro-lifers continued to pray & the young woman came back out since she decided not to have an abortion.

Later in the day, after all of the women had already gone in for their abortions & the abortionist was there, it was quiet out in front of the abortion mill. So Faisal wanted to show me another vehicle in the parking lot where the abortionist usually parks.

While we were checking the parking lot for what he thought might be another abortionist's car, Angela got some good news! She said that a woman came out from the abortion mill & said, "You'll be happy to know that I didn't go through with it!" I don't know who talked with her or if anyone counseled her or gave her pamphlets.

A save at Main Street, Thursday, March 27: In the words of Gail: A young women & her 2 friends came to the mill. She wanted to get a pregnancy test. Geri & I talked with them & talked them into going to Birthright for a free pregnancy test. It turned out that the young woman was pregnant. Sue gave her some maternity clothes from Birthright & told her about help available. From Birthright, she & her friends were sent to get help from the Women's Health Center, where Dr. Smith works. Her friends were there for her, but the father of the baby was not there. Please, continue to pray for this young woman & her baby. She said she'd bring her baby over for us to see sometime.

A save at the Jackson Place abortion mill on Saturday, March 29: A young couple, Brent and Nadia were preparing to exit at the South end. As the Rachel counselor approached the vehicle, Brent rolled down the passenger window and said: "We just couldn't do it after we saw the baby move during the sonogram procedure." After some questions, Brent divulged that they had arrived from Virginia in the morning. They entered the complex by way of the furthermost South entrance to the 932 complex. As Brent was then driving North to enter the 966 complex they saw two people standing on the corner. The lady attempted to offer some sort of literature but they continued on to Suite 27. Brent said that as they were waiting for the sonogram procedure something told them not to destroy one of God's children.
A save at Planned Parenthood, 16th St. Sat. March 29: No details available.

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Please join us in praying the abortuaries closed.  (see locations below)

Abortuary at Spring Street: The start time for the Rosary will continue to be 9:45 am, every Saturday, in front of the PP abortuary at 1400 Spring St., Silver Spring.  Parking in the general area of the abortuary is on-street as well as a nearby public parking facility.  Spring Street intersects Georgia Ave. 2 blocks north of Colesville Road.  The PP site is west of Georgia Ave on the second block on the south side.  There is street parking and the public parking facility is one block south of the PP site.  Make the first left turn going west on Spring Street from Georgia Ave.    For more information Contact Janet Baker,  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). or Dick Retta, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If anyone is looking for other abortuaries to pray the Rosary, here are 7 of them:

Abortuary at 966 Hungerford Drive, Jackson Place, Rockville, Rosary at 8:00 am, every Saturday. For more information contact Bill Luksic, E-mail address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Abortuary at 9061 Shady Grove Court, Gaithersburg.  Rosary at 10:00 am, every Saturday. For more information contact Dick Retta, E-mail address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Abortuary at Reproductive Health Services, 13233 Executive Park Terrace, Germantown, MD.  Rosary at 11:30 AM on Tuesdays and 8:30 AM on Fridays.  Take Rt 270 to Exit 15B, towards Germantown, Rt 118, to Right on Wisteria Rd and Right on Executive Circle Drive. For more information contact Dick Retta E-mail address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Abortuary at 900 S.  Washington St.  (Lee Highway), Falls Church, VA.; 7 to 11:30 AM, Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  For more information contact Ruby of Lifeguard, E-mail address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Abortuary at PP 1108 16th St. (and L St.):  Wednesday 9 to 11:30 AM;  Saturday 9 to 11:30 AM.  For more information contact Dick Retta at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Abortuary at Metropolitan Family Planning Greenbelt Road, College Park:  Saturday 9:30 to 11 AM.  For more information contact Nash Monsour at:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Abortuary at Landover Women’s Health Services, 6559 Annapolis Road, Hyattsville, MD.

Dick Retta……Member of the Board, WAKEUP (Women Against the Killing and Exploitation of Unprotected Persons) 

Posted by Dick Retta on 05/20 at 02:01 AM
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