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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Most Important Petition In The USA Today

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We urgently need your signature on the most important petition in the USA today! Click here to sign petition.

QUESTION:  What makes this petition so much more effective than all the other petitions?

ANSWER:  We use it differently:  (1) We use it repeatedly.  (2) We use the signer’s names during the legislative process, timed just prior to procedural votes for maximum impact on each legislator who is about to cast a procedural vote – not just at the end of the process when a law is already written.  (3) We publish the names on-line 365 days per year, with City and State.  Therefore, the lawmakers know that the names on this petition are genuine.  (4) The lawmakers usually receive the names by fax, which, as of last week’s Senate Finance Committee vote, was already over 100 pages long, with normal print-size and spacing.  We know from the lawmakers themselves, that this well-timed, printed-printed-on-paper delivery method has an emotional impact, especially when received just prior to his or her vote.  (5) This on-line Signature-Ad Petition is used by other proLife groups, such as local 40-Days for Life groups nationwide, ProLife Unity, etc.  We even have a feature on the on-line ad, wherein local proLife groups can look for other proLifers in their specific area.  (6) This annual petition is helpful to proLife candidates for the same reasons, – even though we do not publish addresses; we will arrange to contact you for them, when asked to do so.  (7) This petition also influences the judiciary.  Our 2007 ProLife Signature-Ad Petition was the first and only Citizen’s Petition ever accepted by the US Supreme Court.  (8) This petition educates the public, especially when published in Newspapers.  (9) Sometimes (not usually, but sometimes) this petition earns more money than it costs to assemble and promote it.  When that happens, The Kansas Coalition for Life is generous to share any dollars in excess of our costs with other proLife groups who are doing an effective job, and who have promoted this petition.

Note:  You may sign with a donation on-line by clicking here, where your financial transaction of any size (min. $1) validates your signature, or, sign entirely free-of-charge on paper (mail or fax) if you do not want to make a donation.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends who have not yet signed!

If you think that abortion is not in the current health care plans currently being debated in Washington, click here or click here.

Just in case you think that your signature is not URGENTLY needed… go to (Dick Morris – 6 minute video), which can be viewed by clicking here.

Mark S. Gietzen

Posted by Mark S. Gietzen on 10/31 at 10:53 AM
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