12 Year Old Girl Gives Pro-Life Speech

Click here to listen to Lia's award winning speech.

Lia, the twelve-year-old girl who made headlines for
presenting a pro-life speech in a school speech competition
against tremendous opposition from her teachers earlier
this year, gave her exceptional oration to the 12,000 strong
crowd at the National March For Life in Ottawa, Canada
last week, reports Alex Bush.

Lia, who is from Ontario, adapted her speech for the
March for Life slightly, adding, “Every day, 115,000 are
being put to death through abortion. 115,000. Look around
at this great sea of people. This is only about 10,000 people.
Every two hours, this amount of children are killed
because of abortion.”

Lia became a household name in the pro-life
world when she was disqualified from a public
speaking contest last February. She gave her
speech anyway, while still being disqualified,
causing one of the judges to leave the panel before
her speech even began. Controversy among the
judges caused them to reverse their earlier decision
to disqualify Lia and she ended up winning the contest.

The speech on Parliament Hill was videotaped by Socon Media.
The amateur video not only shows Lia giving her speech,
but clearly reveals the large size of the crowd, as well
as the difficult weather conditions experienced by
everyone present for the March for Life. Lia’s 8-minute
speech was cheered by the pro-life Canadians on the Hill,
many of whom were delighted to hear and see this
young lady, made internationally famous as a result of
the YouTube video of her original speech, which has
been viewed 650,000 times so far.

“Almost one third of our generation never made it out
of the womb,” Lia said, “all those lives are now gone.
All that potential, gone, and all that hope and future, gone.”

Lia rhetorically asked the crowd, “Why do we think that
just because a fetus can’t talk, or do what we do, it isn’t
a human being yet? Could it be that we only call them
humans if they’re wanted?”

“Fetuses are definitely human, knit together in their
mother’s womb by their wonderful creator,” Lia said,
referencing Psalm 139.

Commenting on the legal vacuum surrounding abortion in
Canada, Lia said, to the approval of the crowd, “Some
people might say that since there are no laws against
abortion in Canada, it doesn’t matter any more. The matter’s
settled, and it’s none of our business. But if an action is unjust,
it should be illegal, and it needs to be our business.”

“I know some people say, ‘the mother has the right to abort,
after all, her life is dramatically affected by having a baby,’ ”
she said, “but I’m asking you to think about the child’s
rights that were never given to it.”

“No matter what rights the woman has it does not mean
we can deny the rights of the fetus,” Lia stated, eliciting
cheers. “We must remember that with our rights, and
with our choices, comes responsibilities, and we can’t take
away someone else’s rights to avoid our responsibilities.”

Next, Lia spoke out against the startling abortion statistics
related to babies with disabilities, saying, “What doesn’t
make sense to me is that on the one hand, we provide
special parking and elevators for the handicapped, we
sponsor the Special Olympics, speaking of the joy they
are to us and how they inspire us.” She continued, “But,
when we find out that a pregnant woman is carrying one
of these very children we counsel her to abort it, not giving
the child a second thought.”

Lia also addressed gender targeted abortions, specifically the
targeting of women. She said that “in Bombay, out of 8,000
pregnancy tests which indicated that the baby was female,
only one of the babies lived. As for the rest, the mother exercised
her choice. They were aborted. Killed.”

Lia then brought up the pro-abortion arguments that invoke
the so-called “hard cases” - rape and incest. She responded,
“let’s look at the facts, only one percent of abortions are
hard-case categories. This includes rape, incest, and the
life of the mother being in danger. One percent,” Lia emphasized.
“That hardly justifies the disturbing volume of abortion
that happens these days.”

Lia ended her speech quoting Dr. Seuss’s book “Horton Hears a Who,”
saying, “even though you can’t hear them, or see them at all, a person’s a person,
no matter how small.”


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