16th Street Chronicles/ Wed. Feb.16, 2011 and Sat Feb. 19, 2011

16th STREET CHRONICLES-, Wednesday, February 16, 2011
16th Street NW Planned Parenthood Child Killing Center.
No. of sidewalk counselors: 1 (Dick)
No. of prayer warriors;  1 (Carolyn, )
No. of deathscorts: 4
No. of abortion minded woman: 17
No. of children’s lives saved: 2

With the first child’s life saved a mother, her pregnant daughter and a driver woman friend apparently entered the mill before I arrived (0830 AM).  Also the driver left before I got there.  The driver returned a little after 9:30 AM when meter parking begins.  I counseled her as she walked into the mill not knowing if she was alone or with someone in the mill.  She ignored me.  Sometime later the driver came out and I again tried to counsel her addressing either herself or someone she might be with that was abortion minded.  She responded with “she is only 12 years old; she has to have an abortion.”  I pleaded with her that the girl did not have to have an abortion.  I offered help to keep the baby or to put the baby up for adoption.  I explaining the dangers of abortion and the terrible thing they do to the baby to end its life and that the baby’s body parts end up in a sewer, landfill or for experimentation.  She indicated that she really wasn’t for the abortion and agreed to take some literature to give to the girl and her mother saying it’s their choice but she would try to convince them not to have the abortion and give them the literature.

At this time I called 911 to report an underage girl in Planned Parenthood that was pregnant and obviously someone is abusing her and may be guilty of statutory rape.  I was told they would send a patrol car.  Planned Parenthood is required by law to report such incidents to the police.  About 10:30 AM they all came out.  I tried talking to the girl, the mother and the driver but they wouldn’t talk to me.  They got in the car, left, and never returned.  Pray that they let that baby live.

The police did not show up before they left.  I called and canceled the 911 call.  Second guessing that action maybe I should not have cancelled the 911 call but instead wait to see of the police would ever show.  In past similar incidents they never showed up.

With the second child’s life saved an abortion minded 16 year old girl got out of a car with an adult couple (not her parents) leaving a male driver in the car.  I counseled all three as they walked slowly towards the mill door.  They told me the girl was there for an abortion.  All three responded to my counseling with interest and agreement, smiling as I talked, especially the two adults.  They entered the mill listening to my last pleadings as the door closed “Don’t let them take your child’s life!  We can and will help you!  Please let us help you!”  I turned around and spotted the car still in front so I went to speak to the driver.  I spoke with him a good twenty minutes explaining all the terrible things regarding abortion.  He told me he didn’t really know why they were there and was concerned when I told him they do abortions on Wednesdays.  He then agreed with everything I said. He said he was against abortion.  I told him to go inside and talk them out of that girl having an abortion.  I told him to leave the car (not legally parked) that I would pay the fine if he got a ticket.  Instead he started to pull out to park elsewhere when the male adult came out and started talking to him.  I started talking to the male adult about getting the girl out of mill.  He made some agreeing statements.  Then the girl and the female adult came out.  It turned out they decided to not go through with the abortion.  While the girl and the female adult got into the car I asked the male adult if I can give the girl a gift for her baby.  He said yes that he would take the gift.  I gave him a pair of baby bootees for the babies first gift.  I God blessed the girl and all of them.  A happy, joyful car full left the scene. Thanks be to God!

16th STREET CHRONICLES- Saturday, February 19, 2011
16th Street NW Planned Parenthood Child Killing Center.
No. of sidewalk counselors: 5 (Dick, Tony, Elizabeth, Eva, Liam)
No. of prayer warriors;  27
No. of deathscorts: 5
No. of abortion minded woman: 18
No. of children’s lives saved: 0

Police Incident

On Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011, there was a police incident.  A woman had come in with her abortion minded pregnant daughter.  I counseled brief when they entered the mill.  The mother protecting her daughter from hearing any help I had to offer.  A couple of hours later after the deathscorts had left the mother came out and I proceeded to counsel her about the danger her daughter is in and other reasons whey her daughter should not have an abortion.  She ignored me and didn’t want to hear anything I had to say.  I followed her about 100 feet towards M Street. She stopped to smoke a cigarette.  I continued to counsel her that if she loved her daughter she would not put her in harms way.  She asked me to stop or she would call the police.  I told her she could call the police but I want to make sure she understood the danger her daughter is in and the terrible thing they are going to do to her grandchild.  I left her alone but not before she called the police about my ”harassing” her.

The police did come. One squad car with two police officers.  I stood on the sidewalk by the mill entrance walkway paying no attention to the police.  A man friend of the woman came out to talk with the police pointing to me, a couple of times, in his discussion.  The man then entered the mill to get the woman to come out to talk to the police.  When she came out I proceeded to counsel her about getting her daughter out of the mill if she loves her as she walked towards the two police officers.  She then talked to the police for about 15 minutes.  She then headed back into the mill while I again counseled her to get her daughter out of the mill is she loves her.  The police were standing by silently.  The police never spoke one word to me.  After a few minutes they left.  End of incident.  The police supported my rights.

Apparently, as I had suspected, the police supported my right to talk with the woman even though she did not want to hear what I had to say. 
This was similar to an incident a couple of years ago. I was counseling a woman right in front of the mill entrance door.  She was annoyed at me and wanted me to stop.  She asked the security guard isn’t there something that can be done to stop me like calling the police.  The security guard told her there is nothing she could do.  I have a right to do what I’m doing.  If she doesn’t like it she can come back inside the mill or she can go for a walk and leave the area.

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