The Negro Project:  Initiated by Margaret Sanger, Perpetuated by Barack Obama

The Negro Project:  Initiated by Margaret Sanger, Perpetuated by Barack Obama
By Day Gardner
In a time when America is spiraling down into an abyss of debt, joblessness and economic turmoil, President Barack Hussein Obama is continuing his big push to kill as many children as possible.

In less than nine months he has overturned the Mexico City policy which means American tax dollars will be used to pay for foreign abortions.  Most of those killed will be the children of my beautiful brothers and sisters in Africa. He has also been working tirelessly to force physicians to either kill “unwanted children” or refer their patients to other baby killers. He has worked to ensure that even more children are killed by removing the ban from embryonic stem cell experiments where children are used as lab rats—their little bodies cut up and sold to the highest bidder.
President Obama’s most recent effort is to push a health care bill that will mandate taxpayer funding of abortions. He has gone on record to deny this fact which leaves many Americans wondering if he has bothered to read the 1000 plus-page monster circulating Congress.
I can’t help wondering if he has any idea what an abortion looks like.  Does he understand that little babies, many of them very close to being born are gruesomely killed by suffocation, decapitation or dismemberment?
Since 1973, when Roe vs. Wade was decided, abortion has killed more than 50 million of America’s children-17 million of them were black.  Today, for every black baby born, another black baby is killed by abortion.  The Alan Guttmacher Institute and the Center for Disease Control, (CDC), show that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, has planted its clinics —more than 75 percent—strategically in our urban and minority neighborhoods. I find Mr. Obama’s abortion push especially strange because the abortion industry purposefully targets black people.   
Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, initiated the Negro Project in 1939 to ensure that black people like President Obama and me were killed off before being born. Every day Planned Parenthood manages to convince pregnant black girls, especially in urban areas to abort by making them believe their pitiful lives will be better if their unwanted, unloved, worthless black ghetto child dies.  They are wrong!  We come from a strong stock of people who survived slavery and Jim Crow.  We don’t have to kill our children to have better lives! So, how can President Obama support an industry that goes to such great lengths to kill black children?  Could it be that he owes favors to the abortion industry?  Unfortunately, the answer is he was bought off during his campaign.  He climbed onto his White House throne by stepping on the backs of aborted babies. Abortion is wrong, Mr. Obama and it’s wrong to expect tax payers to fund the blatant killing of children. If we are truly the America that holds life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness so dear — then we must obliterate the scourge of abortion from our midst otherwise we are no better than the those who perpetrate the conflict in Darfur, Rwanda, or any other country where human beings are enslaved, butchered or denied their rights just because they are meeker or weaker.Mr. President—abortion is not healthcare.  There is nothing healthy about a procedure that mentally, emotionally and physically scars women—and there is nothing healthy about a dead baby.

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