The Royal Society of Beggars for Life

Who Are We?

Pro-life Christians who are begging Christian
pro-life supporters of Barack Obama to use their
influence for the following:

1. To persuade him to change his mind and become pro-life.

2. Until that Black Swan moment, persuade him to take a politically
neutral stance on abortion. This would be in keeping with his
officially agnostic stance on the question of when life begins.
It would also mean, among other things, changing his position
on the Freedom of Choice Act and taxpayer funding for abortions.
In addition, he should end his relationship with Planned Parenthood.

Why the Name?

The Royal Society of Beggars for Life reflects both identity and purpose.

As Christians we are children of the King of Kings
(see 1 John 3:1; 1 Tim. 6:15). So we’re part of the royal family.
That’s our identity.

And we’re begging for the lives of unborn children. That’s our purpose.

Why Begging?

Well, we certainly have no power to command our fellow Christians
to try and persuade Obama. Only God has that power.
That’s not our place.

But they do have influence with Obama now that they’ve helped put
him in power. So we can and should appeal to them to use their influence.
And not just appeal to them. We can also beg them. In doing so, we’ll be
following an established biblical tradition of begging on behalf of others.

Consider the following passages:

-Esther 8:3

-2 Kings 1:13

-Matthew 14:35-36

-Mark 7:25-35

-Mark 8:22-25

See also: Amos 7:5; Mark 6:55-56; Luke 9:38-39; Acts 16:9

Dave Schneider

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