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Why Call For Life?

The picture that you see on most pages is of my daughter Kalila, when she was a baby of course. Her blue eyes were the first things I saw when the doctor placed her in my arms.


I heard that babies don’t see too far when they are first born and I held her close so that she could see my eyes. Those were, after all, the only things she could see since I was wearing protective clothing and a mask. When I looked into her eyes, those big blue globes warmed me like a warmth I had never felt.

I will never forget that moment how I held her close and wanted to keep her warm and protected.

As she was growing up I learned a lot about how our children are their own individual selves. I thought I could control her but I was wrong. It was hard enough to prevent her from controlling me!

At the moment of conception a unique human being is created. A person who thinks all on their own. If you have an abortion you are killing a human being. As I say a million times a day to everyone I can, if you don’t speak out against abortion and do everything you can to end it you are supporting it. The number of times I hear people say “I’m personally against it but I don’t want to tell women what to do with their bodies” or “I believe it’s wrong but it’s a woman’s right to choose” is nauseating. What are you personally against? What is wrong?

Let’s finish the sentences that people never want to finish:

1) I’m personally against (murder) but I don’t want to tell women what to do with their bodies.
2) I believe (murder) is wrong but it’s a woman’s right to choose.

This silly argument that a baby isn’t a baby until it comes out of the womb is gone. Not even the most hard core pro-abortion individual can stick to that one anymore.
I don’t have to convince you that abortion is murder, you already know it is. So what are you going to do about it?

You can go back to your daily life if you like. Go to work, bring home the bacon, play with your kids, mow the lawn and kiss your wife/husband.

Or you can do what you are supposed to do in life, namely:

Protect the innocent
Feed the hungry
Defend the defenseless

Meaningless life or life with meaning? Your choice. Every day you wake up, you choose one way or the other. Choose life, CALL FOR LIFE

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