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40 Days For Life In Reno Saves A 2nd Life

Doctor "prescribes" abortion as necessary to treat Gall Stones


The 40 Days For Life Campaign in Reno-Tahoe has saved a second baby's life. The Reno campaign is well organized and has attracted an impressive number of first time participants in sidewalk prayer vigils in front of the West End Women's Medical Group in Reno.

The first day of this year's spring campaign saw a young couple leave the abortion clinic and turn to 40 Days counselors for help in finding an alternative to abortion.

The final week of the campaign brought the second save. This save highlights the value of having trained, well informed counselors available to help women and couples who really do not want to abort their babies.

Here’s are the details as reported by the participants

“This one happening late last week, as a result of Cyndy listening to God’s call and coming to the sidewalk to pray and encourage frightened
parents make a better choice.”

“You see Cyndy was also carrying a sign that read “I Regret My Abortion.” Her prayerful, honest witness to the truth of abortion encouraged a Spanish speaking couple to stop. The husband shared in his halting English that his wife was having trouble with Gall Stones and had been told that she could not be treated until after she had an abortion.”

“Thanks be to God, Cyndy came prepared with our list of local pregnancy resources and “Before You Choose” tri-fold brochures (we have them available in Spanish and English). While Cyndy doesn’t speak Spanish, she was able to communicate with this husband who was obviously concerned about the health of his wife and was only doing what the medical professionals had told them was necessary. Imagine how relieved he was when she gave them the phone number of the local pregnancy center who are prepared to help couples who want to spare the life of their unborn child.”

“Because this was a case where the couple had been told by medical personnel that there was a risk to the mother, they were referred to the local ER, but after being reassured that an abortion was in no way medically necessary, they returned the following day to the pregnancy center where they will receive the life affirming help they had been seeking.”

This was a case of callous indifference on the part of someone in the medical profession which almost cost the life of a baby boy or girl and a couple a lifetime of regret.

As the couple learned, it is perfectly feasible to treat Gall Stones and high blood pressure during pregnancy without risk to either the mother or her baby. So there seem to be only two possibilities here. Either the physician in question simply thought it would be easier or, since the mother seems to be of limited resources, cheaper to treat her if she were not pregnant.

Or the doctor has a referral fee arrangement with the West End Women’s Medical Group. Either way, this is another example of how the culture of death has corrupted the medical profession.

The 40 Days For Life Campaigns are about God working through his people. Both of the babies saved by the Reno-Tahoe campaign this spring are alive today simply because dedicated pro-life counselors were standing vigil outside an abortion clinic when their frightened parents needed someone to offer them hope and a way to give their children life.

The children will likely never know. But their parents will remember the loving dedication of those 40 Days volunteers as they watch their babies grow.

There were doubtlessly also other babies saved through the pamphlets handed out, the “I Regret My Abortion” signs, and simply by the sight of people praying outside an abortion clinic. God’s work.

And God’s blessings on all of His children who made the Reno-Tahoe 40 Days For Life Campaign a life saving success. 

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Posted by Jerry on 04/02 at 06:56 AM
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