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Abortion Is About The Lives That Never Will Be

Pro-choice propaganda never mentions the words, baby, child or life


Go through any pro-abortion website, from the lowliest one paragraph blog to the NARAL and NOW sites, and we learn that abortion is about women's rights, women's health, women's economic opportunities, women's self esteem, and every other aspect of female living except maybe for fashion.

But the three words that are never mentioned are "baby", "child" or "life". Someone coming in from Mars would think abortion is about having a potentially malignant mole removed.

But abortion is about a "choice" between life and death. About one human being's very existence, and all that he or she will, or will not be allowed to, experience over a lifetime.

There is no indication that the following video clip, which condenses a little girls’ life from birth to 12 years old, was produced from a pro-life point of view. Nevertheless, Lotte Hofmeester’s life shown here really says all that needs to be said about the inhumanity and injustice of abortion. 




Dear Pro-Life Legislators

Keep your heads down and keep passing legislation - waiting periods, medical consultations, and ultra-sound pictures showing the child’s heart beating within - that requires women be given the opportunity to comprehend and reflect upon the magnitude of aborting a child’s life. These measures have proven to save the lives of children and spare women years, often a lifetime, of grief, regret and self-recrimination.

But if you really want to boost those numbers, pass a law requiring women contemplating abortion be given the opportunity to spend 2 minutes and 45 seconds viewing the condensed version of Lotte Hofmeester’s life portrayed in this beautiful video.

Because that is what abortion is really about - the lives that never will be.


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Posted by Jerry on 04/26 at 01:04 AM
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