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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do Men Have A Right To Voice Their Opinion About Abortion?

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The pro-abortion crowd seems to always pull these statements out of the hat when they have run out of ways to defend abortion:

Men should not have a say in abortion.
It’s a woman’s body, so they should just keep quiet.
Men can’t get pregnant, so they will never have to make the abortion decision.

These arguments are usually directed at a man who is trying to make a convincing argument to let the unborn baby live. It’s basically an ad hominem attack used specifically to distract from the pro-life message. How does one refute this? The first answer stops them in their tracks. Roe v. Wade was decided by nine men on the Supreme Court. If one logically follows the pro-abortion argument, then this case must be thrown out. 

Also, since they believe only people being adversely affected by an issue should be allowed to object to it, then only blacks should have been allowed to protest slavery. Whites had no right to object because it wasn’t their body that was being used for slavery.

If you take a look at any breast cancer walks, there is a high percentage of men who participate. There are many other men who donate money either individually or through their business. Since breast cancer is primarily a disease that women get, then according to the pro-abortion logic, only women should be involved in stopping it. Also, to follow their argument, then groups like menagainstbreastcancer.org should not exist.

If the pro-abortion crowd believes that males don’t get any say about abortion, then shouldn’t the unborn females in the womb have a say? Obviously, half of all abortions are female, but there is never an outcry about all of the females being killed. The feminists and other abortion proponents never give a defense for these innocent unborn females who can’t speak for themselves.

What about the fathers of the unborn children who do not have any rights? Often men encourage women to have an abortion, but there are some men who do not want their baby to be aborted. Unfortunately, they don’t have any legal rights to stop the abortion. Also, there’s plenty of evidence that some men have post-abortive problems. Ironically, they have no rights to stop the abortion, but if the woman has the child, the father usually has to pay child support. But granting the rights to fathers to stop abortions can backfire. A law that says that they have equal rights in the determination of abortion may cause unwanted problems. If a man can determine that she keep the baby, then it seems that he would also have the power to force her to have an abortion. There has to be a way to word the law in such a strict manner that if the father only doesn’t want her to have an abortion, then she should not be allowed to have one. If the woman does not want the baby, the father should be able to keep it or put the baby up for adoption.

It is interesting that I have never heard any abortion proponents voice any objection to the activities or statements from men who defend the right to abort a baby. They have no problem with a court full of old men deciding a case in their favor. But when some pro-life men attempt to discuss the issue with them, one of the arguments they use is that men should not have a right to voice their opinion against abortion.

Click here to read the original post by Monte Harms at Stand For Life

Posted by Monte Harms on 09/24 at 01:13 AM
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