Let Them Live 2008

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WB - Afternoon Session - Day 2

The afternoon session is on at the Washington Briefing. Laura Ingraham just got done speaking.

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40 Days for Life D.C. Midpoint Rally


David Bereit spoke in Bethesda, MD tonight about the 40 Days For Life project, one which encourages people to participate in prayer and fasting at local abortion mills. The event is taking America by storm and has been responsible for many confirmed "saves".

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It’s time for Pro-Life Unity

It is time to stop trying to please those who oppose life. We try to blend in or not make waves to appeal to the masses in so many different ways. To name a few:

> We try to not be too "Christian"
> We try to not be so "conservative"
> We try to appeal to Democrats
> We are constantly arguing with people who disagree with us
> We try to skirt around the health of the mother, life of the mother issue

We don't have to defend our position. People who are for abortion or do nothing to help end it are turning their backs on the killing of human beings. We don't choose to do that. It's that simple!

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Oct. 16th - Washington D.C. 40 Days for Life Midpoint Rally

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MonthlyCallForLife.com October 2007 Newsletter

Friends of the unborn,

It's the first Friday of the month & it's time to call for life! We need to call our representatives on a regular basis and challenge them to oppose abortion and human killing research, like embryonic stem cell research and cloning.

Go to MonthlyCallForLife.com for everything you need to know and do, like who to call/Email and what you might want to say. Please forward this message to everyone you know who might participate in this Monthly Call for Life.

Thank you all for everything you do to help the unborn. Without us, they would die in silence and alone.

News & Info

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Video - You’re under arrest…for speaking the truth

Five Pro-Life people were arrested on the A-B Tech Campus grounds in Asheville, North Carolina. Why? Because of what is known as a "Face the Truth" type event, one where signs of aborted babies are shown to the public in order to get them to understand what abortion really is. Many officers were called in to arrest 5 people who were exercising their first amendment rights.

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October 23, 2007 Prolife Day of Silent Solidarity

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