Is Georgia’s new bill pro-life?

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New Stanek WND column, “The slaughterhouse rules”


Well, I just watched an undercover video filmed by the Humane Society at a California beef plant where cows were supposedly tortured and killed, and I must say I'm disgusted.

Prime-time news shows aired clips of this video last week with no warning of its graphic nature. I'm glad my 7-year-old grandson wasn't around, or I might have had to explain where hamburger comes from.

What's wrong with these Humane Society people? Don't they have better things to do with their time? Perhaps they could alleviate this problem, if there really is a problem, by pasturing their own cow herds if they really cared.

Anyway, I'm quite sure this video is a fake.

And even if not, I don't believe cows feel pain when being plowed by forklifts. No one can prove to me that they do. Flinching when prodded with pokers is a visceral response. Struggling when dragged by cow hooks is a primal reaction, certainly not related to pain. Cows can't talk; therefore cows can't feel pain. That's just a fact....

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Are We Against Abortifacient Birth Control?

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

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Committee Hearings for Life in Retrospect

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Final Hearing in Atlanta for HR 536 and HB1

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New Stanek WND column, “Divine secrets of the political yo-yo sisterhood”


It's interesting to watch pro-aborts fight. They confine themselves to a war of words when picking on someone their own size. No dismembering, no decapitating, how refreshing.

Right now they're engaged in a rarely seen public snarl over which Democrat presidential candidate to support. This will likely stop after they pick a nominee, so the pack can resume attacking the Republican.

Meanwhile, the rift is revealing....

The grumpy old feminists, who for half a century have been decrying sexism, are herding around Hillary because she's a woman, the epitome of chauvinism.

There are reports lesbians are also flocking to Hillary, but I've thought for some time grumpy old feminists and lesbians were one and the same. The president and vice president of NOW in my state are live-in lesbian lovers, for instance. So that may not be news.

On Obama's side we have....

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Hearings in Atlanta to end abortion

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Video - Peter Shinn at the United States Capitol Building

Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity, founder of and also the Monthly Call for Life spoke at the Capitol about the need for people to get more involved in the process of ending abortion. One of the current bills is HR 618, a Right to Life bill sponsored by Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Shinn said:

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