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April 26th - Bound4Life Calls For Nationwide Prayer

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New Stanek WND column, “Abortion as art sport”


In search of taboos to breach for breach's sake, the liberal artistic community is finally dredging the bottom of the barrel: abortion.

Interesting that it took them longer to mock abortion than crucifixes.

You likely missed the comedy video sketch Damon Wayans of WayoutTV.com posted last week called "AbortionMan." So I'll describe it for you, or you can view it at YouTube.

In "AbortionMan" a young woman calls her boyfriend to tell him she's pregnant....

[T]he sleazy guy hangs up the phone and calls for AbortionMan to rescue him from the plight of progeny....

AbortionMan makes quick work of things, kicking and punching the mother in the abdomen and stomping on it when she collapses to the ground. The stomp aborts the crying, bloody preborn baby, who flies through the air and lands in the bushes where he or she presumably dies....

Damon made this sketch for the negative attention buzz, to make people like me mad. Celebrities desperate to hold the waning spotlight are so sad....

One person getting way more negative attention than she expected was Yale art student Aliza Shvarts.

Last week, the Yale Daily News announced Shvarts' exhibit in a senior art show opening yesterday would feature a number of her own very young self-aborted children, mixed with blood and smeared on plastic sheeting wrapped around a cube and suspended from the ceiling.

On the surrounding walls videos would play Shvarts completing her self-abortions in a bathtub.

Shvarts said she obtained the human elements of her project by artificially inseminating herself multiple times over the course of nine months and then ingesting abortion drugs.

These episodes put abortion advocates in a terrible position....

Continue reading my column today, "Abortion as art sport," on WorldNetDaily.com.

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The Need for Pro-Life Unity

Every day, people who embrace the culture of death gain another foothold on those of us who know we are in a battle of good vs evil. Minnesota, one of the "progressive" states has decided that they are going to snip a little piece of every person born in order to use their DNA for experiments.

WND Article by Bob Unruh

The state of Minnesota has advanced a plan to own the DNA of newborns, preserving it in a warehouse for use in genetic research, experimentation, manipulation, and profiling, according to an advocacy organization seeking to protect the privacy of that individual information.

"Citizen DNA is citizen property. The government should be required to ask, not allowed to take," said Twila Brase, president of the Citizens' Council on Health Care, a Minnesota-based organization familiar with the progress in that state.

"If this bill becomes law, each year 73,000 newborn citizens will not be protected by the state genetic privacy law. The [state] will take their DNA and unless the parents figure it out, the government will keep it," she said.

"Children grow up. Eventually, every citizen will have their DNA owned by state government and available for government to engage in genetic research, experimentation, manipulation, and profiling," she warned. "What good is the state genetic privacy law if government warehousing and analysis of every child's DNA from birth is exempt from its informed consent protections?"

Notice they say that the DNA will be used for profiling as well. The government will probably give us some line like "you won't have to worry about it if you live a clean life".

Think about this, around the world, Christians are accepting, by not opposing and putting an end to, evils such as genetic selection, gender selection, convenience abortions, infanticide, human animal hybrids and more. All of those, except for infanticide, are already happening in America.

Where do we stand in America? We have few representatives who believe in the sanctity of life. The steady "progressive" creep of a pro-death culture has crept into the conservative mainstream, leaving Pro-Life and moral voters little to choose from.

That's the bad news, now for the good.

Around the country, and around the world, the Pro-Life community is coming together to fight these battles in unison. There are so many great leaders, organizations and determined Pro-Life people who represent what is good in mankind. We are all pieces of god's puzzle, and when we come together, we complete his picture. Through our unity, we will win these battles.

I believe we should always vote for the best man/woman for the job. But, it doesn't matter who is in office, we all must challenge our elected officials to do what is right. Why should they if we don't demand it from them?

Join the Monthly Call for Life at MonthlyCallForLife.com and do your part every month to let your representatives know where you stand. It only takes a few minutes to call and/or Email them. Everything you need to know, say and do is at the web site. If you are a leader and would like to do your own Monthly Call for Life, create your own page and refer your Email list to your own web site.

We will end abortion and put a stop to the culture of death through our unity.

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand - Divided they die - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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May 1st - National Day of Prayer

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New Stanek WND column, “Barack Obama and the sex life of 12 year olds”


I'm not naïve. I know there are 12-year-olds in the world having sex. But it's not normal behavior. A 6th-grader seeking sex lives in a dysfunctional home. More likely she is being raped by an adult perpetrator. That's not what I say. That's what Planned Parenthood and Guttmacher Institute say:

The younger the mother, the greater the partner age gap.... Fathers are on average 9.8 years older than mothers 11 to 12 years of age.

I have never known or heard of a father, diligent or absentee, liberal or conservative, who pondered aloud that his 9-year-old daughter in three short years might have unprotected consensual sex, so we must make contraceptives and abortion available to her.

Such a father would be creepy, close to a pedophilia promoter.

Such a father would be Barack Obama, who indicated such at Sunday's Compassion Forum....

Continue reading my column today, "Obama and the sex life of 12 year olds," on WorldNetDaily.com.

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Job 24:9 The fatherless child…

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Prayer Pivot Script of the Day - River of justice

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Video - Father Pavone Discusses The Reality Of Abortion


Father Pavone from Priests for Life discusses abortion procedures. You won't see the actual abortion, but the description is real enough. It's important for you to watch these. Father Pavone says:

"If we're going to talk about abortion in this country, let's make sure we know what we're talking about, and let's work to bring it to an end."

Click below to view the videos by Father Frank Pavone

Dialation and Evacuation Abortion

Suction Abortion

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Jesse Lee Peterson at the Let them Live Rally in Georgia


Jesse Lee Peterson of BOND spoke at the Pro-Life Unity Let Them Live rally in Atlanta, GA earlier this year. Pro-Life leaders flew in from around the country to support the Georgia Human Life Amendment HR 536.

Click here to continue reading and view the video interview with Jesse Lee Peterson at ProLifeNews.tv

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But let justice roll on like a river…

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National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is April 29th

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