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The ‘Pledge’ - Do the Republicans really want to end abortion?

The GOP is getting ready to release another "Contract", this one called 'Pledge to America', of where they stand and what issues they will be pursuing as a party. Why do I get the feeling LIFE isn't going to be an important topic in this one just as it wasn't in the last one?

Brendan Buck, spokesman for America Speaking Out said “House Republicans have been listening to the American people, and we’re going to put forth a positive agenda that focuses on solutions for the top priorities of the nation,”.

Will one of those "top priorities" be saving the 4,000 people who are slaughtered in the womb every single day in America? It doesn't look like it. Fox News says there is something in there to make the "Hyde Amendment" permanent, which prevents federal dollars from being used for abortions.

Congressman Mike Pence said this morning "the Republican party lost their way" & referred to the 'Pledge' as a way to correct this mistake. Initially the 'Pledge' had no social issues in it, only Tea-Party-style fiscal issues.

Let's face it, all the stuff that has been inside GOP "contracts" has not been about protecting the least of us. There is no focus on what is killing millions of Americans every year. Some examples of issues which are completely ignored:

- Abortion on demand - Over one million people killed in America alone every single year
- Cloning - clone and kill policies are in effect around the country and are funded by states and national money. A person can be legally cloned, (s)he just isn't allowed to live. That person is used for experimentation only.
- Embryonic stem cell research - What do you think an embryo is anyway? An embryo is a living human being at an early stage of growth, like a fetus, baby or toddler. Why do decent Americans allow the killing of humans for science? How has science become such a mass killer of mankind?
- In vitro fertilization - Yes, it is a struggle not to be able to conceive, but why would we allow thousands of innocent people to be killed just so that you can have a baby? Selective reduction, a fancy word for kill the extras, is used when too many humans have been, what you might call "started", in the womb. Remember Octomom? The reason she delivered 8 children is because she didn't want to kill 6 of them, a standard practice in such cases. Before you judge her, think about the millions of Americans who are killing their "extra" children so they can have safer deliveries.
- Birth control pills - Only one stage of the birth control pill is meant to "control" pregnancy. The other two stages are meant to kill the baby if, by chance, the baby has made it past the first "control". If you take birth control pills, it is likely you have killed 1 or many children & didn't even know it.

The Tea Party folks haven't publicly stated their position on LIFE either, and if you look at their 'Contract from America', you can see the topic missing there as well.

1. Protect the Constitution
2. Reject Cap & Trade
3. Demand a Balanced Budget
4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform
5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government
6. End Runaway Government Spending
7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care
8. Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy
9. Stop the Pork
10. Stop the Tax Hikes

It appears to me that Republicans just put their fingers up to the wind to see what conservative America wants them to do. They don't seem to have the ability to know right from wrong & stand on it. They struggle with the moral issues nowadays because for so many years they have been pushing to please middle-America.

I interviewed Congressman Pence last week & he said "I believe at the very core of these times, is a recognition that this not just an economic or political crisis we are facing, but it's a moral crisis. And the American people know this. And so giving voice to the values of what have made this country great, our commitment to the sanctity of every human life, our commitment to traditional marriage, our commitment to the importance of religion in everyday life, is paramount for our leaders to express."

The Republican party said they listened to America & that's why they are pushing to make Hyde amendment language permanent. America, if we want to end abortion, we have to demand an end to abortion. We the people need to make this happen because they the politicians are going to do what politicians do, get re-elected.

I have not seen the 'Pledge' yet, but I will be there this morning for the unveiling. I pray I am wrong & that there is strong language in there which calls for an end to abortion. With the history of the Republican party on this challenge though, I'm more likely to win the lottery.

I'm not saying don't vote for Republicans, I'm saying you can't JUST vote for Republicans. We have to vote and than demand an end to abortion. How would you feel if you were trying to end slavery & the Republicans came out & said that they were going to stop federal funding of slave owners? The slave market would still continue, just as abortion will still continue under the Hyde provisions. Hyde amendment provisions are a farce. It's a way for Republicans to claim they are pro-life without having to demand an end to abortion.

Call your representatives today & every first Friday & let them know we want them to end abortion, not just stop federal funding of it. Click here to contact your representatives and let them know.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity

United we Stand ~ Divided they Die

Pass it on

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Personhood USA - Join the battle for LIFE in Mississippi right now!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009, President Barack Obama will address America’s..

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September 19, 2009 - Wash for Life, a national event

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Remember the Efforts of Ron Paul

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The State of our Nation and Thanksgiving

Pro-infanticide Barack Obama is elected President. His socialist/communist agenda is yet to take shape. The economy suffers, there are housing difficulties and plenty of job losses. Some may ask "How much more bad news can we endure?"

No, this isn't a rant, and I'm not going to throw out a bunch of bad news. I'm going to talk about a few things that are on my mind.

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The Need For Unity

If there is anything we need right now, it's unity. It seems as if so many of us in the Pro-Life movement are fighting each other more than the pro-death people. The differences and fights are many, but I believe it's time for us to set them aside and work together. How do we do this, and is it possible to bury the hatchet? Whoever is holding on to past grudges is allowing the pro-death movement to succeed another day, so we had better figure out how to get rid of issues that are causing us to waste money, time and emotions.

I challenge every Pro-Life person to think about this statistic while saying a prayer. Around 4,000 people will die in America today. Yep, I know, we've all heard it before, so what's new? I pray that what is new is how we think about that statistic as a Pro-Life family. We are a family after all, and we have more in common than many people in the world.

Do you believe we will end abortion? I do, and soon, and God wants us to hurry up already! How will we do this? We will speak up for the unborn, that's how. I propose that every Pro-Life organization do something every month on the same day, the first Friday. Our voices will cry out as one, united and unwavering. The unborn will have a voice, ours.

If the Pro-Life organization you support doesn't have a monthly effort, please encourage them to start one. Otherwise, go to or (both go to the same place). We help you with when to call, what you might want to say and more. Also consider joining the Prayer Pivot at All you have to do is pray for life for a few minutes, or however long you like, in any time zone from the morning of the first Friday until 12:00 am the next day.

Please, speak for the unborn. They only have us, and if we are silent, they die alone.

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it o

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Oct 5 - 13 - 15th Annual International Week of Prayer and Fasting

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Pro-Life Unity Joins Pro-Life Opposition to NEA Abortion Leaders

Peter Shinn speaking at a Pro-Life Unity conference in Wichita, Kansas

Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity, will be joining PLEAS, Pro-Life Educators and Students, and Pro-Life leaders in Washington DC at the Convention Center on Wednesday, July 2nd in a united protest against the pro-abortion agenda of the leaders of the National Education Association. The NEA will be holding their annual convention in Washington DC at the convention center, where a protest and press conference will be held from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

The Family Research Council -, will be holding a press conference at their location at 9:30 am, to be followed by a press conference in front of the Convention Center at 10:30 am. Pro-Life leaders, including, Chuck Donovan, the Executive Vice President of the FRC will speak out against the pro-abortion views of the leadership of the NEA. Some of the participants will include:

Bob Pawson – ProLife Educators And Students (NEA member)
Jim Sedlak - American Life League
Jack Ames - Defend Life
Rev. Clenard H. Childress –
Missy Smith – Women Against Killing and Exploitation of Unprotected Persons
Peter Shinn –


The NEA is expected to endorse Barack Obama, a pro-abortion presidential candidate. This public endorsement constitutes a violation of the trust of Pro-Life NEA members who pay dues to them.

Shinn says:

The NEA website considers opposition to their abortion views a deception, yet they deceive people on their website. On the NEA website they state:

"Deception 6 NEA supports abortion.
Truth NEA supports reproductive freedom without government intervention. "

Reproductive freedom obviously means abortion. And they have the audacity to call us deceptive."

People across America are encouraged to unite against the pro-abortion leadership of the National Education Association by going to the PLEAS website at, where you can find out where you can either join others who are going to protest, or how to start your own protest at a NEA location near you. If you are in the Washington D.C. area, you can go to the convention center. The press conference will be at 10:30 am followed by peaceful picketing until 2:00 pm

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Project Mustard Seed - May

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