Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Young generation in Africa

On December 1, Africa Life Youth Foundation joined the rest of the world to mark World AIDS day, This year’s World AIDS Day came at a time when Africa Life Youth Foundation is fighting the increasing HIV/AIDS dominance in Young generation. The 2011 Uganda AIDS indicator sur­vey shows an increase in the HIV/AIDS dominance from 6.4% to 7.3%  in 2011. Which proves that HIV/AIDS is still major challenge to the country. Research shows that young people consti­tute the majority of the population vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Studies have also shown that every day, about 6000 young people become infected with HIV. Girls are particularly at higher risk of acquiring HIV due to a number of factors including multiple partnerships, cross-generational sex, transactional sex and gender-based violence, other factors are lack of knowledge about HIV, lack of Education, poor access to health services and early marriage.
Cultural circumcision has caused the high increase of HIV/AIDS in young generation mostly in rural areas where there is no easily access to Health services.
Africa Life Youth Foundation is organizing a Youth camp and so far, 400 young people have registered to attend. Our main issue will be training young generation on HIV/AIDS, early mar­riage, abstinence and how to turn against abortion in Africa. The Youth camp will take place on 7th –13th Jan 2013. We are trusting God for Funds to run the Camp.
Friends, you can be a blessing to equip those young generation with a great future to change Africa by your donation. You can donate online via or write a check. we are also trusting God for General medical equipments to help us with our mobile medical out­reaches.
Please indicate that your donation goes to support the Youth Camp in Uganda with ALYF .

God bless you

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