Friday, February 26, 2010

Health Care Summit Review

Well, the long-awaited Health Care Summit has come and gone, and guess what?  Everything is clear as mud!  What an extraordinary revelation.  Who would’ve thought?

But of course we saw this coming!  Gathered in the Blair House across from the White House, Barack Obama moderated a contrived “coming together” of Republicans and some Democrats over his proposed health care legislation.  Nothing new was presented, but we do have a new pro-life hero: Republican Leader John Boehner had the guts to bring up the abortion issue.  He presented this because, in President Obama’s proposed legislation (which is unconstitutional to begin with), he allows funding for abortion.

However, didn’t the President say in prior months that he does not believe in taxpayer-funded abortions?  Before he proposed his own White House bill, he could have spurned the abortion-funding part of the Senate bill, saying that he advised them to not include the wording.  But now Obama owns this bill; this is his bill, and it includes abortion.  And to make matters worse, he completely ignored Rep. Boehner when he brought up the controversial but important subject.  Our President is not even willing to talk about abortion.  He thinks that the Republicans are the “party of no,” but he is essentially saying, “No, I refuse to speak about the abortion issue.”  Oh wait, I forgot: it’s above his “pay grade.”

The health care bill is now hurdling towards the dreaded “reconciliation” move.  (See my February 18th post for a review of this.)  However, if enough pro-life Democrats can be convinced to vote no, the bill may be at least stalled because of the abortion language.  If you have a moderate or pro-life Democrat in your area, please contact his office: write letters, e-mail, and call, begging him to remember the millions of unborn lives that hang in the balance of this treacherous decision.

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