Thursday, April 09, 2009

If you give a mom a cookie…

We continue to be overwhelmed by success stories from the spring 40 Days for Life campaign. Praise God!

Alejandra in Orange County, California passed along this amazing report of how one little girl’s faith helped to save the life of a baby.

“Tim came to me with his daughter and told me that his little girl (about 4 years old) told him before he went to Planned Parenthood, ‘take this plate of
cookies and give it to a Mommy. Tell her to keep them so that she can give them to her baby when he is born.’”

“When Tim approached one of the women that he talked to last Saturday morning, he told her the message of his little daughter. The woman broke into tears and the thought of not being able to give her baby the plate of cookies that Tim’s daughter sent her made her decide to keep her baby!”

Take a look at the 40 Days for Life closing event in Orange County—outside the Planned Parenthood that just had $292,000 in tax funding stripped away by a unanimous vote of the local board of supervisors during this 40 Days for Life.

See picture at:

Shawn Carney, who coordinated this spring campaign, is finally home from the road. His last stop on day 40 was in St. Louis, where he encouraged 40 Days for Life participants to ask God what they should be doing next—now that this campaign has come to an end.

Shawn’s inspirational talk was recorded, and we just posted the audio online for you to listen:

Click here to listen online

Gabriela in El Paso, Texas is one of the many volunteers eager to keep the spirit of 40 Days for Life going. She notes that today is really Day 44.

“Our work doesn’t end at 40,” she wrote. “God needs us to continue! The fight for the end of abortion doesn’t end there! There are abortions every day, and here is the challenge: to continue praying and doing prayer vigils at the abortion clinics. The babies, mothers and fathers too need our constant presence at the abortion clinics.”

She added, “They need Christ’s love, and we are the ones who need to offer that to these mothers and fathers. That is why I challenge you to continue your
shift at the abortion clinic, to continue going the same days and times you are used to going. Remember, this isn’t our battle, it’s God’s battle, and he has
chosen us to fight with prayer and presence to end abortion.”

I’m anticipating quite a response in El Paso after an enthusiastic call like that!

Rita in Burlington, Vermont is hearing that same call to continue. “Burlington is quite small compared to some of the cities that have been involved in 40 Days for Life,” she wrote, “but the momentum is certainly building and we look forward to the next campaign. In fact, as has been the case with so many other vigil sites, people do not want to stop, some of us will continue to stand vigil in front of Planned Parenthood in Burlington. I have decided to stand vigil on Wednesdays, abortion day.”

Rita also explained how so many of the cold-weather cities were able to sustain a faithful presence despite snow and wind chill readings that were far below zero. “Despite the cold, chilling to the bone cold, and the harassment from those passing by, when your time praying came to an end, this sense that you
did your Father’s work came over you and left you feeling all warm, despite some of the frigid Vermont temperatures,” she said. “Doing the Father’s work does leave one feeling joyful!”

Let’s ensure that the spirit of 40 Days for
Life never ends, even though one specific campaign has

Yours For Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

P.S.- We have a few more exciting things to share with you before Shawn Carney and I both take a much-needed break from e-mail! Thanks for your patience with all the communication during this campaign—there sure has been a lot of good news to report!

Click here for live video

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