Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Obama Really Advocating for Human Rights?

Yesterday (Wednesday, January 20, 2010), President Barack Obama gave his first State of the Union address.  Most of the speech was focused on the economy, health care, and a tiny little portion about our two wars.  Of course, Obama demanded to “not give up now” on health care, even though the American people are rejecting his liberal agenda.  The people also do not want abortion funding in the health care bill.  However, our president does not give any regard to our belief that federal funding of abortion is wrong, that we don’t want to kill babies with our hard-earned dollars, despite his rhetoric.

But the part that struck me in regards to pro-life was when Obama briefly spoke about advocating for human rights.  I thought, “Yeah, advocating for human rights EXCEPT for the unborn!”  He said that we have always stood on the side of freedom and human dignity…and I added “except for the unborn.”  He acknowledged, as it says in the Declaration of Independence, that everyone is created equal…except for the unborn, he believes.  “If you abide by the law, you should be protected by it,” Obama proclaimed.

So tell me, Mr. President: what have unborn babies done to deserve slaughter?  It seems that, according to the pro-abortion side, it is a crime if you are an unborn baby who is not wanted, or who is inside the womb of a poor mother or one who simply doesn’t want a child.  But in truth, unborn children have not done one single thing wrong. They deserve to be tucked safely inside their mother’s womb.  But no, because of the terrible ruling of Roe v. Wade, the womb is actually the most dangerous place in America.  I lived in Baltimore City for four years, and it could be quite dangerous and scary…but it was nothing compared to being unborn babies inside their abortion-minded mothers.

Unborn children have not done anything wrong and they have not broken the law, so according to Obama’s own words, they should be protected by the law.  Please, Mr. President, there is no possible way you could have ignored the hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers marching on Washington last week.  We are all pleading with you to wake up to reality.

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