Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have You Had An Abortion?  Memorialize Your Baby

Memorialize Your Baby

-Name Your Baby-
You may not want to keep calling this the “Aborted Baby”. Give this child a name. Either choose the gender of the child so you can pick a boy or girls name (if you didn’t know it already), or pick a name that can be for both genders. For example I chose to name my baby “Kacey”. It’s a boy and girls name, if you spell it differently.  I chose my baby to be a girl, using the female spelling. Picking out a name can also be exciting, and creative. It will make your baby feel more real.

-Make A Bracelet-
Get some Letter Beads and make yourself a nice bracelet to wear with your baby’s name on it. Add some colorful beads as well to make it look nice.  This will be a keepsake of your baby and when you look at it you will always know they are with you always.

-Make A Memorial Page-
Give your baby a personality. Think of things your baby might have liked. I did this by making a memorial page. You take a big sheet of paper, cut out letters to spell out your baby’s name, or buy sticker letters.  Put them whereever you want on the page and start cutting out images from magazines, or print them off the computer of what your baby might have looked like, what toys they would have liked, and so on. You can also put the date of conception and the day the baby passed on.  Poems, Bible verses, and Lyric’s that remind you of your baby are also good to add to the memorial page too.

-Do A Memorial Service-
Give your baby a memorial service. I did one for mine. What I did was I got a pink balloon to symbolize Kacey. I went outside on a nice day, and I would hold the balloon until I knew it was time to let go. You can also talk to your baby while you hold that balloon. When you let go of your balloon, that’s your way of saying goodbye to your baby.  This can be done as a one time thing, like a funeral service, or you can do it yearly as an anniversary, either on the day of conception, or the day your baby was aborted or the due date on when you would of actually had your baby.

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