Friday, December 11, 2009

My Opinion of the Tea Party

Last night, I attended my first Tea Party event in Plano, Texas.  It was jointly sponsored by the Collin County and North Texas Tea Parties, and from what I could tell, it was a very successful event!  I heard some great speakers, including my district’s House Representative, Ken Paxton.  He is a strong conservative, pro-life, family man who truly fights for the ordinary conservative citizen down in Austin.  We also have a great county judge, Keith Self, who is running for re-election and is another genuine conservative.  I was pleased to just find out that he is a Board member of the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center in Dallas and has been married for 34 years to his wife, Tracy.

Needless to say, it’s great to be a conservative in north Texas, especially in Collin County.  It was inspiring to attend my first Tea Party event, which was very organized yet energized.  It was not what I expected of a “rally”: everyone was mostly seated, the speakers were all given proper introductions, and…no one spoke from a teleprompter!  One of the men running for State Representative gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard in my life – and he was just speaking from his heart.

For those of who do not know, these Tea Party events began back in April, on Tax Day.  They have grown enormously since then!  At Southfork Ranch here in Texas, an estimated 37,000+ people attended the July 4th Tea Party celebration.  On September 12, thousands of ordinary citizens crowded Pennsylvania Avenue and the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to protest against our fast-growing government.  Participants are really being awakened, and thanks to the Tea Party movement, citizens who have never been politically active or cared about the issues have become involved.  Small-businessmen and ordinary citizens are stepping up to the plate and even running for office.

I have heard objections to the Tea Party movement from the pro-life community, that it is motivated by finances only and that once we are financially stable and the government is not stealing from us, they will stop.  However, I would like to object.  Perhaps it is true that it started because of the financial crisis, and the reason so many people became involved is because the crisis was directly impacting individuals.  On the other hand, many people don’t realize how abortion directly or indirectly hurts the entire nation.

However, some people need bricks thrown at them in order to get moving.  Citizens who attend or are involved with the Tea Party movement are conservative, and I’d say that the majority of conservatives are Christian.  And if you are a conservative Christian, then you are most likely pro-life.  However, if the average Tea Partier is just nominally pro-life and has never been actively involved, now is an opportune time to rein them in!  Staunch pro-lifers need to attend these rallies with signs and pamphlets.  This is a great opportunity to gather more of the faithful who know what they believe but have never done anything about it.

This is just one of the reasons why I believe in the Tea Party movement.  If the members already excited about doing something related to conservatism (for example, demanding smaller government), then while they’re at it, they can get more excited about being pro-life.  We all have to work together.  Especially with the pending health care bills, we can easily tie in pro-life issues with politics.  This is one of the glories of the pro-life movement: there are countless ways to be involved, and there is there is definitely room in the Tea Party movement for the staunchly pro-life crowd.

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