Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Stanek column, “Taxpayer cash funds Skype-type abortions”


In March, pro-life activist group Operation Rescue secretly taped a phone conversation between a Planned Parenthood of the Heartland receptionist in Iowa and a member of its team in Wichita posing as a prospective abortion client.

It was then that we first learned of telemed RU-486 abortions.

"Telemed" is short for "telemedicine," which Wikipedia describes as "a rapidly developing application of clinical medicine where medical information is transferred through interactive audiovisual media for the purpose of consulting, and sometimes remote medical procedures or examinations."

Think of clinical practice via Skype....

And while PP claims telemed abortions are confined at present to Iowa, expansion has been in the works for some time....

I dig a little digging and found that PP of the Great Northwest, which operates in Alaska, Idaho and western Washington, has been trialing telemedicine in Alaska since 2009, with "plans to expand."...

Federal funding appears to be part of the plan. Pro-Life Wisconsin found this revealing July 10, 2009, article in the Business Journal of Milwaukee....

Read my article today, "Taxpayer cash funds Skype-type abortions," in its entirety at

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