Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Stanek WND column, “Might preborns become a trendy cause?”


“Causes are the new black,” quipped the moderator as he introduced actor Anthony Edwards, first up on a celebrity panel discussing how social media has impacted the lives of pop stars. This was at the Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas 10 days ago. Edwards’ cause is funding the construction of what will be the largest children’s hospital in Kenya, via his organization Shoe4Africa. My ears perked up at the moderator’s observation, because I’d noticed this recurring theme the previous two days during BWE panels and keynotes. My husband and I had registered to attend BWE along with about 1k other bloggers.

Anthony Edwards, Blog World Expo, Jill Stanek, abortion, World Net Daily.jpg

We knew we’d be entering liberal land, with such sessions offered as, “Blogging for change: How to influence health care through blogging.” But we were putting up with a little left ideology to get valuable New Media tips, because the other side is progressive on that front, too. This wasn’t the first time I’d entered their world, having been one of only two conservatives blogging at the Democrat National Convention in Denver last year. But since I don’t read them much, I was unaware liberal bloggers become grumbling, self-centered navel gazers when not talking politics. At least that’s what Day One keynote speaker Chris Brogan seemed to say….

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