Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Stanek WND column, “Obama: Not pro-infanticide? Prove it!”


With increasing volume I've been trying to make the pro-life community understand that aborting babies alive and letting them die or outright killing them is a commonplace - rampant - occurrence in U.S. hospitals and abortion mills despite the 2002 passage of the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

That we get this fact is imperative with the election of Barack Obama as president alongside a Congress now fully controlled by the abortion industry.

Obama is key. As most know, he took tremendous heat during his 2008 campaign for adamantly opposing Born Alive as IL state senator and was forced to protest loudly that, of course, he opposed infanticide of abortion survivors. Rest assured pro-abort congressional members were watching, glad it wasn't them on the hot seat. The pro-life community must now make Obama and a Senate and House that both voted overwhelmingly for Born Alive prove it.

How do we know post-abortion infanticide is widespread? The procedure resulting in live births - induced labor abortion - is now the late-term abortion procedure of choice. Read that last sentence again....

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