Friday, March 26, 2010

Pro-Life and I Mean It!

Today I would like to share an article that a conservative colleague wrote recently.  His name is Luke Gabello and is the co-founder of The Conservative Comeback, along with Seth Riggio.  I was blessed to have connected with these two fine gentlemen, who are passionately pro-life.  We are a very new organization, and this past January we had a humble table at the Students for Life of America Conference in Washington, D.C.  The feedback and interest from the students was amazing, and we were inspired to keep on plowing through the liberal agenda.  The main goal of The Conservative Comeback is to endorse truly Conservative, Pro-Life candidates, and each one goes through a strict vetting process.  If they don’t meet all the criteria, they are not endorsed.

Our hope is to soon begin an e-newsletter, which I would head up as the National Member Communications Director.  For now, some of us are writing independent pieces.  Luke spear-headed this effort by writing the article below:

Pro-Life and I Mean It!
By Luke C. Gabello, Co-Founder of The Conservative Comeback
Malori Fuchs, Editor

When I am asked my position on abortion, I reply, “I am pro-life.” That was a sufficient answer until recently. It is now common to hear, “No, you are anti-choice.” Really? Many pro-choice supporters go even further by rationalizing being pro-choice as separate from being pro-abortion. The argument is phrased something similar to, “No, I am not pro-abortion, I am pro-choice. I am not saying I am in favor of abortion, I am saying that I believe it is up to the woman to decide whether or not to have an abortion.” This argument is much more clever and far more dangerous.

The problem with being “pro-choice” is that it is still “pro-abortion” wrapped in intellectual drivel. One cannot simply support abortion as a choice without co-conspiring to support the legalized means required to kill an innocent child. Pro-choice proponents argue that choice in this matter is a basic freedom and a right. Examine some of our true freedoms and rights and the fallacy of the “pro-choice” position is exposed. The Conservative Comeback is a big proponent of freedom: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the freedom to bear arms for self defense. We are not, however, in favor of the right for the government to impose a religion on all citizens, for libel and slander, or for using firearms to commit crimes. There are legitimate and illegitimate uses of our rights as defined in the Constitution of the United States. The fundamental problem illustrated is that no right is allowed to infringe on the right of another. To do so jeopardizes all of our rights and freedoms.

The pro-choice position garners support from an extremely flawed constitutional interpretation: the supposed belief that there is “a right to privacy.” The word “privacy” does not even exist in the Constitution of the United States. The word “privilege” and “deprived” appear most frequently in the Constitution of the United States when searching for “priv”. Neither the word “privilege” nor “deprived” suppose privacy in any sense that would advocate murder. It again goes back to the fundamentally flawed thinking that an unborn child is not a human. This is the justification by which most individuals hold their pro-choice beliefs. Therefore, I argue that an unborn human being is blatantly deprived of their natural choice to live in favor of a supposed right to privacy.

A unique human being is created at the moment of conception. The moment of conception to the moment birth is an inseparable part of the human experience. Here is the evidence for all the naysayers: one cannot bypass conception and suddenly become a human. If we as a nation believe it is wrong to harm the innocent, then abortion on all levels must cease immediately. As President Ronald Reagan so eloquently stated, “Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.”

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