Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Reproductive Healthcare Movement 44 Years of Failure to Protect Woman Pt2

what to do about it remember that history has proven that
surgical abortion (like many invasive surgeries) is
unsafe! (Both legal and illegal) The

eugenicist in The Reproductive Healthcare/Ecology Movement will stop at nothing in their
efforts to reduce our
planets population and will keep working until all abortion is funded by the
government. These
eugenics advocates (Margaret / Sanger) also work to restrict a woman’s

reproductive rights by the number of children they bear. (China’s forced abortion policy)
Feminism has been taken over by an
elite group of eugenic fascist from within the
environmental sciences. The feminist movement was used for decades to establish

depopulation programs and within a few years will find out that they have been thrown under the
bus and betrayed by their own
organizations to the control of the eugenicist when the bearing of
children becomes a
crime and not a choice! (So much for my body and my right to decide) Ask
N.O.W. members how many more women must die from legal abortions in the U.S.
before you act to save them? Since
1989 how many women have died or have been physically
damaged at the hands of The Abortion


One of the greatest media hoaxes of the 20th century is The Reproductive Healthcare Movement’s concern for social justice & women’s safety.


You know I’ve been thinking about where this Philadelphia case could be going? Months from now there might be a call put forth to have some type of committee to sit down and work out a solution together. Well that’s what happened 32 years ago with the Ragsdale case between Illinois state legislators and the abortion industry long before any regulations were submitted to lawmakers. The result was that 12 years of the legislative process ended up at the bottom of a dumpster. As for the exchange process of dialog to resolution goes, the abortion industrial complex has no vested interest, no quarterly earnings to suggest that self-imposed regulations would somehow increase their stock shareholders portfolio? In other words for anyone to seriously suggest that a corporation would intentionally put forth a plan to decrease their annual profit margin by 1/3 is on a political rabbit trail for lemmings! These common ground forums should be rejected as delusional at best? The groups that have profited from advocating abortion in The Reproductive Healthcare Movement have no credibility left to address woman’s safety anymore! End of story! Let’s be clear about this one single issue since 1989 all of your leaders put themselves on record! The Reproductive Healthcare Movement chose the profit of businesses over the lives and safety of women period! For years some pro-abortion activist would sing a song that ended with …”you don’t care if women die” but it has been their own leadership that have abandoned women and helped to cover up these crimes. This tragedy of this West Philadelphia clinic is an old story one that has been repeated dozens of times with no end in sight. This same type of unregulated clinic mayhem revealed in the Philadelphia indictments  was made public back in 1978 by the Chicago Sun-Times series. Nothing has changed with the business of abortion except for the amount of state and federal funding they receive. Had the Ragsdale case been heard in 1989 women’s lives would have been spared from the many criminal acts of medical malpractice that have plagued the abortion industry for years. Abortion is not a right it’s an industry, and non-profit organizations in reproductive healthcare that profit from government subsidies do so at the expense of woman’s health and the many lives that are terminated from elective abortion! As we consider the issues of woman’s safety, medical malpractice, Medicaid fraud, healthcare fraud, entitlement fraud, and the hundreds of millions of tax dollars handed over to The Reproductive Healthcare Movement each year, perhaps we need to be reminding our representatives in congress to stop giving our money to these criminal enterprises that have such little regard for the law or women’s lives but are passionate about their Title 10 and Title X funding or the next (STD) crisis they need to exploit for planet, for profit and oh yes…for the poor!




W.W. Wallace is a student/writer and commentator on

sociological trends, ethics, health and current events effecting our culture.                                                                                     

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