Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The State of our Nation and Thanksgiving

Pro-infanticide Barack Obama is elected President. His socialist/communist agenda is yet to take shape. The economy suffers, there are housing difficulties and plenty of job losses. Some may ask "How much more bad news can we endure?"

No, this isn't a rant, and I'm not going to throw out a bunch of bad news. I'm going to talk about a few things that are on my mind.

As far as the economy goes, if I have money, I need to spend it. I’m not saying I need to spend myself into debt, just that if I have extra money, I shouldn’t hoard it. Face it, our economy relies on us spending money. That’s the way it works, unless you want socialism or communism. Even under those systems, nothing is free. You give all your money to the government and they give you substandard health-care or other government run systems. Why do you think all the socialists & communists come to America? They come for profit, education and health-care!

For those of you out there who don’t think people are trying to destroy America and what we stand for, here’s a quote from Michael Moore:

“I say We’re seeing the end of capitalism, and I say good-riddance”

So why do you live in America and soak us for our dollars?

We need to stop complaining about big business making a profit. Do we cry about Tiger Woods making 10 million dollars a year? People complain about corporate profit or CEO greed, but don’t mind giving baseball players 65 million dollar contracts. If I want more money, I’d better earn it, and not demand that government finance me. Big business should pay us fair wages, that’s a fact, but they shouldn’t be taxed more just because they are more successful.

In this time of Thanksgiving, it’s important to keep our eyes on what is real. In my opinion, Here are some of those things:

God - Thank God for helping me in my ongoing struggle against abortion and human killing research. It’s a blessing to be able to pray and draw strength from my creator.

Life - I need to speak and pray for the unborn every single day. We all can do this, either through our websites, blogs, friends, emails, t-shirts, pins…whatever. They only have us, and if we are silent, they die alone.

Family and friends - Even if people close to me disagree with me on the life issue, they are still my family, and I need to remember this and keep them close. Remember, preaching to the choir is easy, but finding ways to help people find Christ and respect the unborn is a challenge.

Action - My action is what is needed to keep evil in check. Believing in God is a great thing, but God is counting on me to defend the helpless. I absolutely believe that God wants US to end abortion now. It’s been thirty-five years and fifty million people have been killed by their mothers using abortion, prenatal murder, in America. We have created a nation of killers, and most women who have had abortions probably know it.

I need to pray for the women who have had abortions, for women who are considering it, for the men who push their wives and girlfriends into this horrible “choice”, for the men who had no choice, and yes, even the abortionists and their support staff.

Here are some ways to get involved:

> Monthly Call for Life - once a month calls and letters to our representatives on every first Friday -

> Every first Saturday following the first Friday, pray and/or sidewalk counsel at an abortion mill. Go to and click on our calendar to find one in your state. If you need help, email us.

> Prayer Pivot - once a month around the clock & around the globe prayers for the sanctity of life from 12:00 am every first Friday until 12:00 am the next day. Pray for however long you want for any time zone. -

> Action Code - Our script shows the most current Pro-Life Action Calls in America. If you have a website and want to help, send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thank God we have freedom of speech, and thank God for our willingness to help the helpless.

God Bless America and Happy Thanksgiving!


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